Thursday, June 16, 2011

I wanna be a coupon-ing wife and mama!

If it weren't for the fact that it were rainy and my son wasn't enjoying some alone time in his crib, I'd be motivated to go take my picture elsewhere. Ah, maybe tomorrow! 
My serious face always looks like I'm angry. I'm not...promise!
White tee: Gap. Tank: Thrifted. Shorts: Forever21. Shoes and necklace: Charming Charlie.

Have you seen Extreme Couponing? Those women (and men) are serious about saving money. Its intense and I don't completely understand how they do it. Way to much math for my brain, but it is impressive and I'd really love to be able to do that! It would definitely help save money! 

In saying that, recently I've been on the hunt for good coupon deals. Actually bought m first groupon today! $10 for $20 at Old Navy. So excited about that. Do you want to save money by couponing? Check out these sites that have helped me!

I just found those two and love them! So helpful!

Also, want other ways to save money? Check out these sites as well!

Dave Ramsey always has something good to say and some great ideas on how to save some money! I especially like his "use only cash" idea. The last website is for getting help with credit card debt. Its a Christian organization which I love! Check out their "more resources" page on ways to save money! 


  1. Extreme couponing is crazy. I don't understand how they do it. Your outfit is super cute btw.

  2. I watched the show last night, and a woman got paid over $50 on what would have cost $2000 retail . . . but one of the things that got her money was 90 bottles of hot sauce. Please tell me what on earth any could do with 90 bottles of hot sauce? The concept of extreme couponing is intriguing, but large stashes of things I don't need doesn't make sense to me!

  3. My best friend is an insane couponer! I will have to send her to your blog. And I've heard of that tv show. Too bad I don't have TV so I could watch it!

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