Friday, June 17, 2011

I thought I'd give painting a try.

Necklace: Gift. Dress: Old Navy. Belt:Wetseal. Shoes: Express.

Well, today I made it to the halfway point in the challenge. Feeling good about it for now. 
I'm really wanting to do something different with my blog. I like clothes, but theres more to me than getting dressed in the morning. Not to mention somedays I don't want to get dressed - not that I walk around without clothes on or anything, but I just don't care about what I wear somedays. 
Maybe more writing, more creative, more about faith, motherhood, and marriage for sure. 

Speaking of creativity. I decided that I wanted to try painting the other day. I've always wanted to paint, but figured I wouldn't be any good, so I never really tried. Then the other day I just had this strong urge to paint. Here is the outcome.

I call this painting "A Few of My Favorite Things"
My marriage (K+J).
Gerber daises. 

Its not the best painting in the world, but hey I tried and I was pretty proud of myself!

Hope your Friday night is rockin'


  1. I cant believe you are half way through the challenge already - that has gone by fast!
    And your painting is great! Way to go for it! :)

  2. Super fun! We have so many of the same crafty interests! I tried painting...and have some canvases waiting for inspiration. Good work!

  3. Oh! And I wanted to share my excitement with you! Got my sewing machine yesterday...wish I could share! I have so many project ideas rolling around up in this head...


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