Friday, May 15, 2015

We Made Our House a Home

Today's post is brought to you by Compass,
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This isn't a sponsored post, I just have a thing for enjoying
seeing inside other homes. Not in a creepy kind of way,
but in a "I like to see home people make their house a home" type of way.
Compass is a great site for oohing and ahhing over some fabulous spaces,
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Today I'm excited to share with you a bit more about our house.
A while ago I shared some of my favorite wall art that we have,
but today I wanted to share two of my favorite rooms,
how we've made our house a home, and what having a home means to us.

First up is our main living room.
It's the first space you see when you walk into our home
and we call it the red umbrella room, which you will soon understand! =)

This wall with the Eiffel Tower is one of my favorites in the entire house. 
I just love the frame with pictures of my family! 

This room was inspired by the painting above.  
My husband was actually the one who picked it out and I was like, 
"Ew, a painting! I don't like paintings!" and then I fell in love with the others
and there you have it, our red umbrella room! 
It's definitely a favorite in the house 
and I always say my husband was the one to decorate it. ;)

We have a lot of items in the living room that were gifted to us from our family. 
The quilt rack and little rocker under the painting, my grandpa actually built. 
I like having special things like that in the house, 
especially when they can be put to good use! 
All the kids love the rocker and it's so cute to see my littlest one try to rock herself. 
The top quilt was made for us by my husband's grandma. 
The kids use it often to get cozy on the couch and watch tv.

The mantel was by far one of the hardest things to decorate. 
It's at such a weird angle that I didn't feel like you could decorate it like a normal one. 
I would have never thought to put pictures up there this way, but I think it looks great. 
The painting on the right is probably my favorite and the candles, 
well you can never have too many!

This painting is the last one we purchased/
The wall is different because it's open at the top, so it fits perfectly there.
I just had to have that red chair from World Market 
because it just tied the whole room together!
Incase you don't already know World Market is my favorite place to shop. 
The coffee table and "Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful..." sign are from there,
along with the yellow pillows and basket on the table in the next photo. 

When you first walk into our home this is the first thing you see besides the stairs. 
It's a great place to house flowers, a picture of our family, and a few books. 

The other favorite room in our home is the master bedroom. 

There's a wall right outside our bedroom that was perfect for a gallery wall. 
Since it's leading to our room I made it just about me and my husband. 
Pictures from California, Hawaii, when we were dating, married, pregnant. 
It's a great display of our life together!

As you can see I like to decorate with photos. 
It's my favorite way to decorate and of course I can always switch out photos
when I need to, which I actually need to do! 
I have lots of photos displayed from our wedding day 
and also the day we said our vows in the Catholic Church almost a year ago! 

This is my husband's dresser. 
Can you tell what he's a fan of?;)

Our bed is probably one of my favorite pieces of furniture. 
It is, of course, from World Market and it is so sturdy, cute, and comfy! 
When we first moved into this house our bed was kind of falling apart, 
so this was a lovely upgrade! 
We are always glad to jump into bed at night and comment on how cozy it is. 
I don't think other people say, "Oh, I just love our bed!" every single time they get in it to sleep! 

This little space in our room is my space and my favorite probably in the entire house! 
Do I even need to tell you that the desk, chair, and a few items on and above the desk 
are from World Market? Because I don't think I really need to! Can you sense an addiction?

This is the space where I read my Bible, blog, and maybe watch too much netflix. 
That's what a desk is meant for, right?! 
Also, that garland is from snippets and strings on esty and I LOVE it. 
I had been searching and searching for something to put above the desk
and it really ties it all together.

This is another space of mine in our room. 
That chair is so cozy (bet you can't guess where it's from ;) 
and the kids really enjoy sitting in it with one another. 
It was a great place to nurse Sutton when she was tiny
and I love displaying my huge scarf collection behind it. 

These are my favorite rooms in the house, but I am thankful for our home in general. 
It's almost been two years since we moved in and it's been a blessing. 
Before living here we lived in an apartment, which could be hard 
because there wasn't much room or places for the kids to play outside. 
Right before we moved in we found out we were pregnant with Sutton, 
so we were so thankful for all the room (and backyard)!
Three kids in a two bedroom apartment just wasn't going to work for our family of five.
So, we've made this house a home with lots of memories framed on the wall
along with dirt and smudges from little hands. 

It's not perfect. 
We have walls that are still bare and the kids' rooms aren't decorated at all. 
Plus there are pretty much always toys scattered in every single room. 
It's not always clean even though it may appear that way. 
I love it though, mess and all, it's our home and it's beautiful to me. 

Do you have a favorite room in your home?
How have you made your house a home? 


  1. I am that same type of way. I love to see how others decorate their home. Even if I don't like the style I still look. I cant help it!! and that is also why I can not stay away from pinterest. You have a lot of very cute ideas in this post. My favorite room in my home is my living room. We have a very eclectic/ vintage style and I would love for it to branch further than my living room. I am in love with my gallery wall and I can not wait until I complete it

  2. Oh, I love your house! You have so many beautiful, personal details to really make it a home. We are buying our first house today (YIKES) and I'm so excited to make it into our home. First step = new paint!

  3. I love that quilt rack in your living room. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for something like it bu for now we have our blankets draped on an old ladder. I also love the World Market desk. I could spend hours in that place...

  4. Photos of family is such a great way to fill the home with love and decor. And some of the best furniture I have has been passed on to me, classic style.

  5. We have the same teal color in our house, love it!

  6. Love your house!! I want to make a gallery wall so bad!

  7. What a beautiful home you have! My favorite room in our house is my daughter's nursery for sure. We have slowly been making the rest of our house a home, but her room is the one room that is totally "finished". It's a little oasis in there that I love spending time in with her :)

  8. Gorgeous! You can come decorate for me anytime!


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