Monday, February 2, 2015

Sutton's First Birthday

I still cannot believe that my baby is one.
It's unbelievable how fast this year flew by
but I'm so thankful for it and I look forward to seeing her grow as a toddler.
I love celebrating ours kids as they grow
and while the parties are necessarily pinterest worthy, I do enjoy putting them together.
They are simple and fun!
I am sure my kids feel loved and really that's all that matters!
Here are a ton of photos from Sutton's party.

I made two cakes this time, which I never do, 
but I thought it'd be fun for her to have her own smash cake!
Funny thing about the cake though...
I had wine when I was trying to make the frosting and totally messed up
because I apparently had too much! 
So around midnight I was making the second batch again! 
Super thankful I had enough ingredients 
and didn't have to send my husband a second time. 
This sign was really the only decoration I did and I love how it turned out! 
I had seen the flowers at Target a few months ago and knew I wanted to use them. 
I also saw the banner when I picked them up and knew they'd go perfectly together. 
I'm thinking I may frame this and put it in her room, which means I also 
need to do the same with Mae's monthly pictures since they share a room! 
Love my girl! She's so happy and a total mama's girl! 
She got so many gifts. Lots of toys and clothes. 
She, of course, loved the wrapping paper and hangers a lot! 
I just love them and totally should have said B and M is this photo with us,
but that, more than likely, would have been a disaster! 
She was totally grinning with people started singing. 
It was the cutest thing ever and I'm so thankful for her happiness!
I would say the smash cake was a hit! 
Decided maybe the chair was a better idea after she 
went to touch everything with her chocolate hands!
Ice cream a little cold there baby?
All the kids were excited about the cake and ice cream too. 
Any time I would tell Braden we were going to have a party for Sutton, 
he'd say "She's gonna have birthday cake! And I have some too?" 
Yes dude, we can eat all the cake and we pretty much did ALL DAY LONG. 
From the looks of it, I'd say Sutton had a pretty good first birthday! 

How do you celebrate your kiddos birthdays? 
Do you do it simple or go all out? 
I just love making them feel special! 


  1. Oh how cute! I try to keep it simple for the parties, less stress for me!

  2. She is the cutest! I love her facial expressions!


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