Thursday, February 19, 2015

Inside my mama mind

Things that come to my mind (and sometimes out of my mouth)
on almost a daily basis, in no real particular order.

I should really get out of bed now, before everyone wakes up.
I could read my Bible and get some stuff done before the kids wake up.
It'd be nice to get some things done and have time to myself before the day starts.
I'm so tired though...

I need coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.
Why is there not an IV for coffee?
I don't want to make breakfast, I'm too tired.
Poptarts and apples it is!
I really should make eggs though,
but that takes too much time.

I really wish they'd stop being SO LOUD.
They should have come with a volume button.
That would be so nice.

They pooped again?
I swear they wait until you change their diaper just to poop.
I am SO SICK of poop!

Can't they just sit still for like 5 minutes?
Can't they just stop for 5 minutes?

I am so tired of being touched and climbed on.
I am not a jungle gym, but they sure think I am.

Gosh, they are so cute.
I could just eat Sutton.
I literally want to bite her cheeks.
Is that weird?

I should play with my kids more.
I don't blame with them enough.
I should do a craft with them. They enjoy crafts.
Maybe after nap time.

Just make it to nap time. Just make it to nap time.

If I hear "MOM!" one more time.

I yell too much.
I know other mom's yell, but do they yell this much?
My neighbors probably hear me and think I'm crazy.
Why can't I just be a better mom?

We eat too much peanut butter and jelly.
But they like peanut butter and jelly, so that's okay.

How are they so big?
They grow so fast! How do I make it stop?

I want to run away, right out the front door.
Too bad that's illegal.

I need a vacation... by myself.
Oh that would be so nice... but I'd miss them.

Man, I wish my husband was home.
They listen to him more than me.
WHY? I do the exact same things he does.

I should really clean something,
but they will just mess it up in like 5 seconds.
I should make them help me, but I'm faster.
I should still make them help me.

Gosh, Braden is hilarious.
Maeva is so sassy and moody.
Sutton is such a good baby... so easy... but she's been so cranky lately

Is it bedtime yet?
Maybe we'll go to bed early tonight.
I wish 6 o'clock could be bed time.
Just make it til 7.

Ugh, I hate mom guilt.
Why do I always feel so guilty about everything.
This doesn't seem normal. I need to chill.

Help me Jesus!
Help me to not yell, to be more patient, and loving.
Help my kids listen better... they are driving me crazy!
Why don't they listen? What am I doing wrong?

Thank goodness it's bed time.
I'm just going to go check on them in their beds.
Oh gosh, they look so cute! I just want to pick them up and hold them.
Don't you dare, they'll wake up! Not worth it!

And there's a million more of these thoughts that float through my mind daily.
What are some of the things you think daily as a mama?

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  1. I love this post! More than anything I'm thinking "Ugh, hurry up and get home daddy!! I need a break!"


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