Monday, November 24, 2014

Braden's 4th Birthday

 My oldest is 4 today and I just can't believe it! 
How does time fly so quickly?!?! 
I remember having him and knowing my world had changed instantly.
I remember feeling so in love with him and even more in love with my husband. 
Braden's such a blessing to us all. Such a wonderful boy! 
We had a small party for him on Saturday. 

When I asked what kind of cake he wanted, he said, "Thomas!" 
I decided to make it this year and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! 
Here are a few party pictures! 

A few of his favorites: chocolate, a track made out of m&ms and trains!
Silly boy! The instant we turned the cake around to take a photo he started trying to blow 
the candle out! We didn't even get to sing happy birthday before it happened, but still did afterwards!

Sutton didn't get any cake, but she got lots of snuggles from everybody! 

Took some pictures with him before opening gifts!
Meant to take a family photo, but just didn't happen!
He got so many gifts for his birthday!
Two trains from my mom and step-dad. He refused to let go of them!
He also got the Thomas tent he had been asking for from us. 
Clothes, games, and another train he'd been asking for!

We also splurged and got him a train table.
He loves to play with them else where! 
This was a great gift because he and Mae can share! ;)
He was very excited about it when we brought him downstairs. 
He said, "It's a train table! Can I play with it?"
Yes sweet boy, all yours! 

Happy birthday to my favorite 4 year old! 
You're the best and we love you so much!


  1. How fun. The picture of the 3 of you with him blowing the candle out is just precious.

  2. Aw, happy birthday Braden! What a handsome little man. :) You have a beautiful family, Kassie. And I am totally digging your animal print leggings, super cute! :)


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