Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Abc's of Maeva

I recently wrote this post about being a mama of three littles.
I thought it'd be fun to do a post on each of my kids as they get older.
Of course since Maeva turned two a few months ago, I thought I should do a post now.
Braden turns four years old SOON, so I'll start working on his as well.
As a mama my heart aches watching them grow, but it's also such a beautiful thing to see!

Here's the Abc's of my Maeva!

The girl has one and it makes me so anxious as she grows.
I know it can get worse, but I pray it doesn't! As does her dad!
He may be more worried than me! HA.

This girl, she doesn't seem to fear a ton.
She's the one that will touch bugs.
She's the one that will throw her hands up in the air as she jumps.
She's also the one that stands up at the table, not worried that she will fall at all.

We often say, "Maeva is crazy."
She runs around, screaming, and being wild.
We usually say this when we're in the car and she gets upset
because her screaming could break glass.
Seriously, way too loud and nothing can stop it, once it starts.

Just as I was typing this out, she looked at me with an apple in her hand,
and purposely dropped it on the kitchen floor.
This girl gets into everything and I'm certain that she's
the reason things aren't where I want them.
Given, all kids are really that way, but she pulls things off the table,
throws things on the floor, pulls things out of drawers.
It drives me nuts and I need to Maeva proof the house!

She's definitely the most extroverted person in our entire family.
She's always saying hi to people and smiling.
Mommy and daddy are not extroverted, so this is a struggle sometimes!

Mae's feelings can get hurt pretty easily.
Especially when daddy gets after her about something.
Her heart just seems so broken, but girls gotta learn!

She loves to laugh and be silly.
Usually with her brother and often right after waking up in the morning.
It usually involves screaming happily too, which is a bit TOO loud first thing.
I do love her happy giggles though!

The girl knows what she wants and if she can't have it, you'll hear about it!
She isn't the best listener and is stubborn as heck. No idea where she gets that from! ;)
She's gotten better with some of it and I hope she continues to.

I love you!
Words she loves saying to everybody in our family.
She's been so cute learning to say it.
Thankful that she loves her brother and sister so much!

She's our middle girl and with that often comes a bit of jealous.
She competes for our attention a lot and not always pleasantly.
We've gotten better at making sure we pay attention to her more.
I give her lots of hugs, sit with her on the couch, tell her I love her,
and she always sits on my lap when reading stories.

As crazy as she is, she is such a kind little girl!
Whenever some is upset she'll tell them, "it's okay!" or ask, "you okay?"
I know she's learned a lot of it from her big brother.

Lover of all things frozen.
Of course what little girl isn't?
She must have Elsa, Ana, and Olaf in her bed with her.
Ana is definitely her favorite and I love how excited she gets about her friends!

A name I fell in love with before I even met my husband.
I read it in a book and kept in the back of my mind.
Glad my husband loved it as much as me!

Netflix junkie.
She always wants to "watch a show!"
Thomas and care bears are her favorite.
She also likes Daniel Tiger, which I prefer more than anything else!
I love that she sings a long.

She will flat out disobey.
I'll be looking at her, telling her not to do something,
and you can tell by the look on her face she understands,
but just doesn't want to listen.
She also likes to run away from and thinks it's hilarious!

I mean, just look at her! She really is such a beautiful girl.
I love her curly hair and how it frames her face.
Wish she'd let me do her hair, but also pulls ponytails out and never keeps bows in long.
Daddy will have to carry a bat around when she's older.
Maybe we'll just lock her in her room! ;)

Quick tempered.
Her mood can change so quickly.
She can be so happy one second and moody the second.
Oh toddlers!

She's so good at saying thank you!
Any time she is given something she'll say, "Thank you mom!"
She also says that when we go through drive-thrus. It's adorable and makes me proud.

One of her favorite things to do at the park.
She loves the slide at the park by our house, but refuses to use the one in our backyard.
Silly girl!

Train stealer.
Also wanting to play with her brothers trains.
They get in plenty of fights about this!

Ultra smart!
Maeva always surprises us with how smart she is.
She talks non-stop, can say so many words, and talks in complete sentences.
I know it helps having an older brother, but Braden definitely didn't talk this well at two.
She understands so much and it leaves us amazed.

I'm also afraid she's going to erupt and usually not in a good way!
She's good at exploding with tantrums and loudness!

Where's daddy?
She asks this question a billion times during the day.
She often answers herself by saying, "Daddy at work!"
Loves and adores her daddy!

Can we just act like this letter doesn't exist?!
It's impossible to come up with a word and gives me a headache!

She's finally learning to say, "yes mom" and "yes dad" instead of disobeying all the time.
I love to hear her little voice say yes. It's so much better than the constant NO!!! she was shouting!

She is so full of energy and life. Always on the go!
I don't know how kids always have so much energy in them!
From the time she gets up to the time she goes to bed, she's on the go!
I have to force nap time or I'll go crazy with this one.
Even after she's put to bed, hours later we'll hear her chatting with herself!

Well, there's the ABC's of Maeva at age 2. 
I'm sure things will change as she grows! 
I look forward to watching her grow and change!

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