Tuesday, September 2, 2014

7 months


Sutton turned 7 months old on Saturday! *SOB*
Where is time going? SO FAST. MAKE IT STOP.

I'm not 100% sure on her stats, but I do know she's at least twenty pounds.
The girl is a chunk, but we sure do love it!

Being in her mama's arms.
Laughing with her siblings.
Eating REAL food! We do baby led weaning.
She likes bananas, apple sauce, broccoli, sweet potatoes, chicken, avocado.
She's such a good eater. Still likes her mama's milk a lot!
Trying to move. Yep. that's right, she's moving!
She doesn't crawl yet, but she scoots. It's so cute.
Playing with toys. She likes balls just like her sister and anything that can go in her mouth!
Smiling. Always smiling.
Bath time! And she can sit up all by herself in the tub!

Not being held and anyone holding her but her mama.
Being put down to go to sleep.
Teething. Poor baby girl!
Her carseat. She's started trying to get out.
Laying on her back. She dislikes laying down. She rather be sitting up.

How's she eating?
Wonderfully. She doesn't have three meals, but at least one a day.
We're still nursing mostly.
She loves to eat for sure!

How's she sleeping?
She's finally sleeping through the night again.
I was worried she never would again (ok, that's a bit dramatic),
 but she has been for a week or so.
We finally decided we needed to move her out of our room.
I think since she knew I was there, she'd wake up crying for me.
She sleeps in her pack 'n play in the playroom and sleeps so good!
She struggles with going to sleep and cries a little, but I don't mind that as much!
I'm just happy she's sleeping!

Other things:
She makes so much nose. Squealing, laughing, talking.
I just love it. She's precious and it makes me so sad how quickly she's growing.
I just wish I could keep her this little for a while longer.


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  1. Oh my goodness, she is so beautiful, I just want to {gently} squish her arms! :) And yay for sleeping through the night again, it always feels so wonderful! :)


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