Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Twenty Four

Can't believe Mae is two years old today!
Where does time go! She's grown and changed so much.
Here's a look back (with her 24th month pic at the end).

I'm two years old today! 
That picture pretty much sums up who I am! 
I'm so sassy and mommy and daddy just aren't sure what to do with me. 
I say no a lot and don't listen very well. 
If I don't want to listen I'll pretty much just stare you down. 
Not to mention I've pretty much conquered giving you the silent treatment. 
I'm really good at giving this attitude to daddy, 
especially when he tells me no or to come to him. 
I just stare and blink at you like, "Oh yeah? Are you gonna make me?" 
The answer is yes, they will make me! 
I still scream in the car, if daddy leaves. 
Not the whole time though, so that's gotten a bit better. 
My tantrums make mom crazy or so she says. 
I'm just trying to express myself, but mom always tells me to use my words.
Sometimes I'm good at that. Sometimes not. 
I talk a mile a minute, so they know I know how to use my words.
I'm just stubborn. Like really stubborn. 
Where do I get that from? Mom? Dad? I'm gonna say both!
I really like to wear dresses. 
Every time mom puts me in one, I touch it and say, "I'm cute!" 
Mom always smiles and says, "Yes, Mae you are!" 
That's my new thing - I pretty much say everything is cute! 
So does brother by the way. 
I also like watching Star Wars (thanks daddy), Frozen, and Benji. 
I'm enjoying playing with my play food and baby dolls.
Blocks and books are good too.
I also like to play with my brother, most of the time.
I've been hitting him lately though. 
I guess I'm just getting him back for all those times he was mean to me.
I get into trouble for it though.
Mom put me in time out for the first time the other day, because of it. 
I've got a lot to work on, but glad everybody still loves me.
They say it's because I'm cute! ;)

Love, Mae

P.S. I'm having a birthday party on Saturday.
I really don't know what that means, but brothers excited about cake!?!

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  1. What a little Sassy pants! How funny :) Such a sweet post! Mine is 22 months today and oh gosh Im hoping the next 2 months go slow! Not sure if Im ready for a 2 year old!!!


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