Monday, August 25, 2014

Mae's Frozen Party!

Maeva really enjoys watching and singing along with Frozen,
so I was pretty excited to make that her theme for turning two.
I still cannot believe she's two years old!
Wasn't she just a newborn yesterday?

I'm not really one of those moms who gets pinterest crazy with parties,
but I do enjoy having a party just for my kids.
She seemed to enjoy it and got insanely spoiled.
Here's way too many photos  of her party!

^^^Before the party began.
Excuse a few crummy iPhone photos because this mama didn't charge her camera :/
Thankful someone else had their camera!^^^
I'm not entirely sure she knew what was going on, 
but she was definitely distracted by all things Frozen!
Maeva got a crazy amount of gifts. 
She was a big fan of all the shoes she got - four pairs! 
The boots, she picked out herself a few weekends ago.
She was also a fan of her frozen dolls and olafs (yes two!).
Braden kept on saying he wanted a present and gladly played with some of the toys.
All the kids really love the tea set she got 
and there's a matching tea cart that is just adorable! 
A family friend put together a cute dress up box for Maevy.
It came with so many cute things include a handmade tutu and necklaces.
She loved the necklaces, but not wearing them. Just carrying them!
I was pretty excited about this cake and so was Mae.
We had to hold her hands back so she wouldn't dig in. 
I looked everywhere for a Frozen cake, but could't find anything.
This cake came in purple at our local grocery store. 
I was so happy when they said they'd make the icing blue! 
It was perfect and delicious. I may have eaten far too much of it!
Mae is a bit crazy and was trying to grab the candles when they were lit.
We had to hold her hands back and I blew out the candles quickly.
Probably ruined it, but hey, I didn't want her getting hurt or causing the house to burn down!
Had to get some photos with my family too! 
Seriously, how in the world people get good photos with their kids is beyond me.
But I still love these so much! It shows real life and who my kids really are.
It was a fun day to celebrate how sweet, crazy, wild Maeva. 
We love her so much and are so blessed by her.
She's definitely a gift from God and we can't imagine life without her! 


  1. So cute! I love her little dress and curls. Glad she had a great party.


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