Thursday, August 28, 2014

Get Out and Play

Disclosure: I was given this product from Imagine Toys to review. 
Imagine toys believes play is an important part of a child's development.
I agree with that! All thoughts here are my own! 

^^^Checking it all out. "What is it mom?"^^^

This back pack arrived in the mail on one of those days I felt like I was failing as a mama. 
I was sitting on the couch struggling and wondering how in the world
I was going to entertain these kids God has blessed me with. 
Then the door bell rang, I opened the box and there was this bag. 
I opened to find a book of ideas for playing outside, two boxes of sidewalk chalk,
two jump ropes, a frisbee,  and a ball that needed to be pumped up. 
It was more than those things though.
 In that moment those things represented HOPE to me. 

Maybe I didn't need to come up with extravagent things to entertain my kids. 
Maybe I didn't have to put on another Netflix show or give the toddler the iPad. 
Maybe, just maybe we needed to go outside and play. 

So, even though it was hot, we did just that. 

The first things the kids were interested in was the sidewalk chalk. 
That they know how to use. 
As for the frisbee and the jump rope, I had to show them how to use those items. 
They didn't exactly understand how to use them, but still had fun trying. 
That's what I've come to realize as a mom...
Sometimes its not about having fun the way we plan 
or using items the way they are meant to be.
It wasn't about that with these items. 
It was all about getting outside and just having fun in the way they wanted.
That meant throwing the frisbee in the yard and running around with it.
That meant trying to use the jump rope and laughing about it. 

Maeva was so excited when I finally pumped up the ball. 
Her favorite toy to play with is a ball, so I knew this would be a hit for her. 
She carried it around, threw it, and kicked it. 
Brother did too and declared it was all his! 
We need to learn to share around here a bit better. 

This go out and play back pack isn't something I normally would have chosen for my kids.
They are still pretty young to play with a few of the items. 
However, they did play with each of the items in their own ways.
I would say it was a hit because even though items weren't played with 
as necessarily directed, they still had fun with it! 
That's a win in this mama's book. 

I'm glad to have these items because 
I believe they are good items to use as the kids grow up.
I think they are good "grow with the kids" toys. 
Maybe they won't be used quiet right until they are older, but we can get creative! 
Also, a lot of the games in the book are for kids ages 4 and up. 
Some of the games are for all ages, but my kids just don't get things. ha ha
However, in the back of the book there are games without rules,
like water play, which we have done! 

Even though my kids aren't exactly age appropriate for this toy,
I think it's a great option for older children, maybe for teachers or day cares to have,
or for mamas who want to come up with some ideas for play outside. 
It doesn't have to be perfect, you just have to go outside and play!
That's what it's all really about right? 

Be sure to check out Imagine toys because they really have so many items to chose from!

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  1. Because of this post we just spent 30 minutes outside playing. Sure it's sticky and hot but I'm hoping all that burned energy will make our day smoother and nap possible


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