Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Whole30: Week Two

Well, Sunday completed our second week of the whole30. 
It's going surprisingly fast, especially considering I thought I'd fail the first week! 
I'm glad I've made it this far 
and I definitely feel like this is going to be a life change for me. 
So, what did I eat this week? 
Well, I was horrible at taking pictures of my food, so I only have a few pictures. 
That means this post won't be as long as last weeks post


This picture sums up what my husband and I ate for breakfast every single day. 
Eggs, sweet potatoes in rosemary and some fruit. 
I know some people might hate eating the same thing for breakfast everyday, but not us! 
It's simple. It's easy. It's yummy! 

Lunch & Dinner

Chicken, chicken, and more chicken. 
We ate a lot of chicken salads and again, I'm okay with that because well, I like it! 
That middle picture is chicken + peppers + chia seeds over cali cilantro lime rice. 
If you read the book it says that chia seeds aren't whole30 approved, but I googled it and one of the founders of whole30 (Melissa) said that they aren't something to always eat, but that you can! 


I only took a few photos of my snacks. I promise, I'll do better this week with pictures! 
Apples + almond butter 
Bananas + almond butter + whole30 approved shredded coconut
Lara bars + Izzies

Smoothies aren't something that is recommended on the whole30. 
They rather you just eat the fruit, but it's not something you can't do. 
Smoothies are delicious, healthy, and I felt like I was having a bit of a treat when I had one.
I don't think that's bad! 

Tips & Tricks 

Prepare, prepare, prepare. 
Seriously, if you don't, you will more than likely fail. 
For me, planning looked like browsing the internet for recipes and ideas. 
You can check out my whole30 pinterest board for some ideas if you'd like. 
It also meant making a list of meals for the week + a grocery list! 
Lastly, it including prepping meals. 
At night before I go to bed I peal + chop the sweet potatoes. 
This makes getting up early to make my husband 
and I breakfast before he goes to work easier. 
I also make his lunch the night before. 
Another thing we do is cook our chicken in huge batches. 
My husband cooked two things of chicken from SAMS in one day. 
This helps out a lot and will last us the week. 
I can't say it enough! Prepare so you will succeed! 

Don't leave the house without food. 
You never know when huger will strike 
and you don't want to end up messing up because you went through the drive-thru. 
We have left the house without food and where did we end up?
Whole Foods because we were starving! 
Take a banana, apple, Lara bar, salad, whatever you need, with you! 

Shop for the best deal. 
Meat isn't cheap, but you can get it cheaper if you look around. 
At first we were buying chicken from Target. 
Way too expensive for not that much! 
So then we decided to check out SAMS and we get so much more! 
If this is an option for you then take a look at the deals. 
We've also gotten good deals on bottled water, dates, spinach, and some fruit. 

Cook in batches. 
Like I mentioned my husband cooked two huge things of chicken over the weekend.
It's a time saver and the foods there when you're hungry! 
I also made the cali rice, put it in plastic bags, and threw it in the freezer. 
This is a huge thing to me because if we didn't do this, we would spend all day in the kitchen! 

Use google or the whole30 forums.
Don't know if a certain item is whole30 approved? Or if you can eat it?
Google and the whole30 forums are your best friend! 
Usually I just go to google and type "Can I eat ______ on whole30?" 
and I will get the answer that I need. 

Eat a snack. 
During the whole30 you're suppose to try and not snack in-between meals. 
You're suppose to eat three solid meals a day and be good, 
but I'm thinking for most people that rarely happens! 
Now, I"m not saying snack just to snack. That's silly ;)
However, if you're hungry two hours after you have lunch, then eat something! 
This isn't about starving yourself. It's about having a good relationship with food! 
I prefer apples + almond butter and Lara bars the most! 

Any questions? Ask and I'll try to answer! 

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  1. So proud of you for sticking with this. Congrats!


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