Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Whole30: Week 3

I cannot believe that I completed my third week of the whole30 on Sunday. 
Guys, I'm currently on day 24 of this challenge and it's going so quickly! 
Today I want to not only share my meals, 
but share encouragement with those of you who are thinking about doing whole30. 
Some of you on instagram have mentioned that you want to do this challenge for yourself,
but that you are nervous and scared to do so! 
Please don't be. I promise you, if I can do this, you can do this! 
Honestly, I thought I was going to fail the first week. 
I was a huge Starbucks addict. Like everyday I went through the drive-thru. 
Sometimes more than once a day. Yeah, it was that bad!
Not only that, but at night I practically shoved Oreos down my throat 
because I was a huge emotional eater. 
The kids cried and screamed all day? Let me eat a sleeve of cookies! 
I was depressed because of the baby weight? Oh, give me some ice cream! 
I was stressed because that's life sometimes? I'll just eat cookies and ice cream!
Seriously, that was me and guess what? 
Every morning I woke up I felt bad about the night before! 
Not to mention I felt so sick. 
I was having stomach aches every single day! 
This motivated me! 
So, I encourage you to give this a try. 
Believe in yourself! And find something that motivates you! 
For me, the baby weight motivated me. 
I was also tired of being sick and spending far too much on Starbucks. 
I wanted to feel good about myself. I wanted to save money. 
I wanted to be healthier! 

Let me tell you, it's been worth it for so many reasons! 
I'm going to write up a post about the biggest change of all 
and it actually has nothing to do with my body! 
Any guesses? That post will come next week or the week after.

To tell you the truth, if you want to take part in the whole30, 
you need to throw out all of your excuses! 
Don't think you can do it because you love sugar, grains, or dairy? 
Don't think you can make it 30 days without those things? 
First of all, stop telling yourself you can't! 
That's a huge part of it! 
Tell yourself you can and try! 
Do what it takes to make it happen! 

That's my two cense! I'll be cheering you on if you take part in this! 
Now, onto my meals from last week!


Same as last week. 
Every single morning we had eggs, sweet potatoes, fruit and coffee! 
One thing I want to tell you is it's okay to eat the same things. 
You don't have to have a ton of variety! It's just 30 days!
So pick some meals you like, get creative with those ingredients 
and be okay with eating the same things!


This is pretty much the extent of my lunches from last week.
I mostly ate salads because you can change them up if you want! 
I may have already mentioned tessemae salad dressing, but it's so good! 
You can purchase it from whole foods or you could make your own dressing, 
which I'll be sharing next week because it's made but I haven't had any yet! 
I had dates with my lunches are well. 
I thought I would hate them, but I actually really like them!
They are good with almond butter too! 


This salad was amazing! I call it orange avocado chicken salad. 
I just threw it together and put tessemae's cracked pepper salad dressing over it.
So delicious! Will definitely be enjoying it again! 

Nothing new here: Sweet potatoes, chicken from the grill, peppers, and an apple. 
Simple, easy, and delicious! 

I LOVED these sweet potato chicken slides! 
Slice the sweet potato, cook with olive oil and ghee, 
chop up chicken and place it on top, and then add avocado on top. 
These are probably a favorite of mine and I wish I had made more! 


Last week I had a few smoothies because of dentists appointments. 
This one of banana, blueberry, strawberry, mango with orange juice. 
I just love smoothies, but am trying to not have them all the time! 
Again, it's best not to snack if you can help it, but me, I usually can't! 
I also had izzie's, Lara bars, apples with almond butter, passion tea at home, 
and then also iced passion tea at Starbucks with no sweetener. It was so good! 

I didn't take pictures of all my meals because I did repeats. 
I hope these ideas are helping everyone out. 
Do you have any questions about whole30? Anything you'd like to know?
I'm here to help you! 

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