Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My biggest fear

I struggle a lot with fear, especially when it comes to my relationship with Christ. 
Even more so when it comes to my children's relationship with Christ. 
Really, they aren't old enough to have a relationship with Him.
They hear me talk about God and see me read my Bible. 
Braden and I pray together at bed time, but I fear that isn't enough. 
I have a deep fear that my children aren't going to come to know Christ.
It's my biggest fear that myself, my husband and my children won't reach Heaven.
If I think about it too much I get panicky and my stomach starts to hurt. 

I want to have a strong relationship with Christ. 
I want my husband and my kid's to have a strong relationship with Him as well. 
I wonder is talking about Him, reading The Word, and praying, is that all enough?
Will they know Him that way? Will they grow in Him that way?
Are those things enough to get us to eternal life with Him? 
A huge part of me fears it isn' I should be doing way more to get us there. 
A part of me believes that isn't true, that confessing He is our God is enough. 
That spending time with Him, in His word and in prayer, is enough. 
But a huge part of me believes there's more I'm missing. 
I try to not let the fear get to me, to cling to the truth like above,
but sometimes its so hard. 
Clinging to His words today and letting them sit on my heart. 

Is this a fear you struggle with?
How do you conquer it and not let it eat at you? 


  1. You're right. It isn't enough. It never will be. None of those things you are doing or praying are enough. But, they don't have to be.
    Jesus is enough. He is our way to heaven...we are not.
    Grace is much harder to grasp than any set of rules or legalism. Don't let Satan scare you. Jesus is way more than enough, because we never can be.
    Praise God we don't have to be.

  2. I agree with Jessica! You will never be enough...and that's why we have grace! Jesus is enough.

    And if you believe that Jesus is the only way, you WILL reach Heaven so you have NOTHING to worry about there! And if your husband and kids do as well, they will be there with you. There's nothing you can do to get to Heaven except be a follower of Christ.

    And I have the same fears about my future children. I hope that they come to know Christ and that I do my part as a parent. I've seen family members never decide to accept Him which breaks my heart. But don't worry about it...just continue being faithful and teaching the little ones!


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