Monday, February 10, 2014

Date night at home + World Market's Movie Lovers Sweepstakes

Since adding another kiddo to the mix, I know our dates out may become less.
We're lucky enough to have both sets of grandparents close and willing to watch all three.
Sometimes though, a date at home, is the better choice.
It's easier than packing up all the kiddos to leave and easier on the wallet as well.
Plus, you can make yummy recipes like the one I'm about to share! ;)

Since Valentines Day is right around the corner,
I thought I'd share a date night centered around that!
My husband and I are big fans of watching tv shows or movies together.
It's a great way for us to relax together after long days of taking care of children and working.

You might be saying, "Really? You chose Valentine's Day as your movie?" 
Yes, why yes I did because it was the movie we saw on our first Valentine's Day together. 
We always enjoy sharing memories together and I thought this was a good way to do just that! ;)

Clearly, you can't watch a movie together without a snack to munch on.
Again, I chose the obvious choice, but with a bit of my own twist! 
I call it Valentine's Day Chocolate Crunch. 
It is delicious and hard to share, but I guess I better! ;)

Want to try it? Here's what you will need:
Popcorn - World Market has many options. 
The lightly salted is a good choice or maybe even the kettle corn! I'll have to try that next! 
Red and Brown M&Ms, if you please! 

All these items can be found at World Market except for the M&Ms. 

You can make this crunch as chocolate-ly as you would like! 
I'm a lover of chocolate, as our most people in my house, so lots was the only option! 
Break the pretzels into pieces and add them to the popcorn. 
Add as many chocolate chips as you would like. 
Melt as many chocolate wafers are you think you need and pour it over the mix. 
I then stirred it and added the M&Ms last after I realized we had some. 
The more chocolate, the better, right?
That's what we think! Then, munch away! 

I also picked up some sparkling apple juice from World Market. 
They have a great assortment of sparkling juice and other drinks as well. 
I cut up a few apple pieces to make it a bit more fun! 
I always like to add some fruit to my sparkling juice.
Strawberries and blueberries are a fun choice as well. 
World Market has some amazing Valentine's Day items right now. 
I couldn't pass up on grabbing a few!
I mean how cute is this tinthese hearts for baking, and these wine glasses?
Perfect for making the date night a bit more pretty! 

Please let me know if you make this and what you think! 
I think popcorn mixes are great because they are simple and yummy. 
You really can't go wrong there! 

Our movie choice isn't one we'd want the kids to watch. 
I mean, really this date night is for after the kids are in bed, not being wild toddlers! 
But I didn't want to leave them out. My son enjoyed some of the crunch and also some hot cocoa. 
World Market has lots of good cocoa choices like the hazelnut I picked up!
I just made that, added some whip and a few conversation hearts

This is a simple, but enjoyable date night at home. 
There are really endless possibilities when it comes to date nights at home and food!
Want to make this Valentine's Day Crunch or come with something on your own?
Let World Market help you! Check out the links below to come up with your own perfect date night!

Want a date night out? Love to go to the movies? 
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Click here to enter and good luck! 

This post is sponsored by World Market but all thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own. 

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