Thursday, September 12, 2013

Talking with a toddler

Once upon a time Braden didn't talk much.
We were a bit worried, as most children seemed to talk a lot more at the age of 2.
He's nearing 3 and is talking so much more.
I need to document things he says and this seems like a good place.
I know that the words that come out of his mouth...
are probably much more entertaining to us.
However, maybe something will make you smile or laugh.

One of Braden's current favorite things to do is pretending he is sleeping,
but he's not very good at it.
He will crawl up in our bed or on the couch,
pull a blanket over his head and say, "I trying to sleep!"
He's not. I wish he was though!

I had gotten a diaper and wipes out because Braden needed a diaper change.
I told him to come to me, but he wouldn't.
I pointed at him and said, "You stink!"
He pointed at me and said, "You stink!"

Braden is in the repeating everything we say phase.
This isn't always a good thing.
The other day we were getting ready for our day and James had said something.
My response was, "Oh James."
Not that long after we hear Braden say, "Oh James!"
He's been saying that a lot lately.
He's been saying his dad's name a lot in general.
I think it's hilarious, but James doesn't.
I know I'd feel the same if Braden could say my name.
I've also heard him repeat other things that he shouldn't.
We won't talk about that!

While changing his sister...
"Oh. Ew. Phew wee. Seriously?"

While changing his diaper...
Me: "Do you want to use the big potty?"
Braden: Closes eyes and shakes head, "No."
Me: "Someday you have to because big boys use the big potty...
don't you want to be a big boy?"
Braden: Closes eyes and shakes head, "No."
Apparently we have many conversations about potty issues

While talking about animal sounds, which he loves to do
Braden: "What's a giraffe say?"
Me: "I don't know what a giraffe says."
Braden: "What's a giraffe say?"
We looked it up... nothing unless you are restraining it,
then it sounds like a dying elephant.

And then James taught him this...

Which is super accurate, but the screaming needs to be a bit more high pitched!

Grandma talking to Braden about his new baby sister
Grandma: "Where's baby Sis?"
Braden: Closes eyes and shakes head.
Grandma: "Do you want a baby sis?"
Braden: Closes eyes and shakes head.
Apparently he doesn't want another one!


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