Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A special bond

Watching these two be brother and sister is one of the highlights of my being their mama.
They don't always get along, but when they do,
I'm reminded of how special it is for them to be siblings,
to be brother and sister. 

It makes my heart so happy at how excited they get to see one another in the morning.
Just this morning soon after Braden woke up, he heard his sister awake.
His eyes got so big, his face so happy! 
He smiled so big, said, "SIS!" and ran to her room. 
The second she saw him she started giggling and moving her arms excitedly. 
They have their own special ways of saying hello, I'm so excited to see you! 

They hug and kiss. 
They play and share together. 
Braden will get a car, hand it to her, and say, "Here Sis!" 
They wrestle and get crazy. Too crazy some times and it ends in tears. 
Braden watches out for her while she's moving about. 
If she's too close to the stairs, he'll say. "No fall, Sis!" 
These things, I like to think this is how they show one another that they love each other.
At least, it's how I know they love one another =) 

I love watching them grow with each other. 
I know Braden has so much influence over his little sister.
Of course he doesn't realize this yet, but when he does, I hope he uses it for good. 
I hope so many things for these two.... that they'll always love one another and be close.
I hope they love this next baby just as much as they do each other.
Nothing could make my mama heart happier. 

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  1. Oh, they will only grow closer. I can promise you that. The bond between brother and sister is so, so very sweet! I'm sure they'll both love the new baby just as much. How fun for you all.


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