Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Remembering the funny toddler

Toddlerhood is hard. I don't think any parent will deny that. 
These little people, that you love so much are growing and learning. 
They are trying so hard to be their own person, yet they still need you to guide them in the right direction and I gather they will for years and years to come! 
This usually involves, for us, lots of tantrums, whining, saying no and all those other crazy ways toddlers let you know they have opinions about what happens in their lives! 

I don't just want to remember the hard times though. 
I want the good things - the things that make me smile, the things that make me burst out into laughter more than those not so fun moments as a mom. 
I want the good times to outshine the bad. 
So, in being honest here, I need to start writing down those moments more. 
I can so easily get swept up in the toddler meltdowns and meltdown myself. 
I'll be documenting these moments here more because they are important and Braden grows and changes so much! He's becoming quiet the little character! 

P.S. DId I mention that this one will be a toddler next Tuesday? 

Oh my oh my. Where are the tissues? 
Okay, back to the current toddler and all things about him!

Braden is the typical toddler boy. Obsessed with cars, trains, planes and buses. 
Lately, its really all about trains and buses. 
When seeing a train, he usually tries to have a conversation with it as its whizzing by. 
"Hey train!" "Where you go train?" "Bye train!" 
Makes me smile every single time. 
He also never misses seeing a bus. I mean, how can you when its big and yellow!?!
He points and says, "A busss!" 
A few weeks ago we took him in a high school parking lot full of buses. 
He was so excited and wasn't very happy when he had to get back in the car!

He's super affectionate, but only when he wants to be, of course! ;)
He'll come to me and say, "Want kiss." 
Then he'll kiss me on the lips.
This is always followed by, "Want hug."
And then he hugs me. 
Last night this was done over and over again. 
Pretty sure because he didn't want to go to bed.
Melts my heart every time he does it. 

Braden doesn't jabber away when he talks. 
Its usually very simple. 
I'm trying not to worry that he's not where he should be develop mentally. 
Some times, actually often, when I want him to say something I will tell him what to say.
The other night James said, "I love you Braden." 
I said, "Braden say, I love you too dad." 
His response? "Love you too mom!" 
James and I both cracked a smile because he totally didn't realize what he said and it's what he's used to. 

When Braden wants something he's pretty persistent. 
Aren't all toddlers? ;) 
Well, he does this thing where when he's asking you for something, he nods like he has to convince you. 
"Want ms"
"Play toys." 
All while looking at you with his sweet eyes and nodding like, 
"Is that okay mom? Yes, I can have it mom?" 
Adorable really and makes it hard to not give in! 

Maeva freaks out in the car. 
Lately it's been super horrible... 
screaming bloody murder and making everyone feel a bit crazy. 
The other night she woke up in the car and totally was not ready to wake up. 
She was super cranky and so I said, "Go back to sleep Maeva." 
Braden looked at her and said, "Go back to sleep....NOW!" 
It was shocking because that was an actual sentence, 
which doesn't happen often, he repeated pretty much what I said, and was super bossy! 
We laughed and of course shouldn't have...
 because if you know toddlers they repeat every darn thing you say! 
He kept on saying it over and over. Still, funny, but we need to work on how he treats his sister sometimes! 

This boy loves to go in my closet, which often results in a mess. 
He'll put on my hats, walk around, all smiley and say, "Pretty hat!"
He'll also put on my shoes and yesterday he was so happy to walk around in them and kick them off saying, "too big!" 
Yes, kid too big and you look a little funny in my sparkly shoes, but you're still so cute! 

I'm sure there are other things he's done that make me laugh or smile. I'll work on writing them down so I have others to share. Happy Wednesday! 

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