Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I can't be a mom today

I have days, like yesterday, where I think that.
Days where the moments feel too hard, moments where I feel like I don't have it in me. 
It isn't that, in those moments, I don't want to be a mom. 
I love my kiddos more than anything, but during those times I don't feel qualified.

I can't be a mom because...
I don't have enough patience, 
I'm not loving or kind enough,
I'm frustrated and irritated easily,
I'm tired (all the darn time),
and on and on. 

All these things that tell I'm not good enough pile high up in my head.
They mess with my heart and drag me so far down. 
The truth is I'm never going to be the perfect mom. There is no such thing, 
I'll probably never have all the patience or love I want to give. 
I'll be moody sometimes and I know that I'll always be tired. 
But, you know what makes me enough, what makes you enough? In motherhood, in anything?
He's the one who has made me a good mom.
And on there days where I feel like I can't make it through, He's there too. 
I'm holding tight to this truth!


  1. I came across your blog not too long ago and I love it because you are so real about your life. But I think you are far too hard on yourself as a mom! The fact that you care so much whether you're doing a good job proves that you're an awesome mom! And I bet those two cuties wouldn't pick a different mom even if they could. They love you! None of us are the perfect mom. We all have days we don't feel good enough. But for our kids, we are the perfect mom because we are their mom!


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