Monday, March 18, 2013


Ringer of netflix. An interesting show, but wishing there was more of 
The Lying Game or Switched at Birth to watch. Obsessed.

 Thinking About
How hard it is to lose weight. I want to, I need to, but it honestly seems hopeless.
Going from someone who never really had to worry about what she was eating, to someone who has to, is tough! 

Listening To
Lots of KLove and Mumford and Sons.
Music that just makes me feel good and like I can accomplish things. 

Excited About
Things that seem far off in the future.
Getting a home, 
Meeting blogging friends.
The Hope Spoken Conference (I still can't believe I get to go)!

The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury
Made to Crave
Discovering Soul Care

Watching my kids grow and love one another.
The fact that we actually went to church yesterday.
This past weekend and that my husband just spent time with us instead of other things he could have been doing: homework, flying, 

Looking forward to
Spring weather
Taking my kiddos outside once that arrives (and stays) a lot!
The photo shoot I have scheduled this weekend, hopefully!
Seeing my close girl friends in May at one of our girlfriends wedding!


  1. I am very much looking forward to Spring weather too! I need some sun! I actually liked the Ringer and was sad when it was cancelled. So much left unresolved. :(

  2. I LOVE Switched at Birth! I'm so addicted to it! And I can for sure relate on the losing weight thing. Every time I try really hard and am super careful about what I eat, work out, etc. I feel like I only gain and it's pointless!
    Um... I LOVE Karen Kingsbury books! A year and a half ago I printed out a list of her books in order and started from the beginning of the Baxter Family Saga so that I know I've read every single one of her books in order! I haven't gotten too far, because school gets in the way, but I'm planning to lay out by the apartment complex pool and read a lot this summer!


  3. I loved Switched at Birth too!! Great show! Never saw Ringer.

    Loved this post :) Yay for Church! We just started going really regularly and even though it's super hard, it's so worth it once we get there!

    Love ya!

  4. I always love currently posts, gives such a great insight into a bloggers life! It's so funny that you all are looking forward to warmer spring weather, I am so looking forward to proper autumn weather to kick in here! Can't wait.

  5. oh goodness! i feel hopeless about the weight thing too. and i LOVE mumford and sons.

  6. I Love Switched at Birth! I'm looking forward to the new season (waiting feels like forever!). I liked Ringer, was kind of disappointed they discontinued it, I enjoyed seeing Sarah Michelle Geller again. You can never go wrong with KLove I listen to them a lot, and Mumford and Sons for that matter!! :)


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