Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I haven't done a wear post since I was pregnant, I don't believe.
Partly because nothing really fits me the way I *like*...
And also because I spend a lot of time in yoga pants, which I love. 

When I did post them they usually fall on Wednesdays when I link up with The Pleated Poppy, but I'm doing it today because tomorrow is my birthday and I have a fun giveaway for you!
It's going to be a fun giveaway of my favorite things.
Winner takes all, so make sure you come check that out! 
You won't be disappointed. I promise! 

Onto this post. I thought it'd be fun to do a mom and daughter post. 
Hopefully I can do these every once and a while.
I'd love to get Braden in on them too, but he's two and I can't get him to sit still for the life of me!
So it's just Mavey and I this week!

^^^One of my favorite outfits right now because I feel comfortable in it and don't look like I just had a baby 5 months ago. Also, Maeva's outfit was completely free thanks to my parents!^^^

^^^ the wind took her breathe away^^^

^^^ A bit chilly^^^

Mama: Favorite Cardi: Kohls. Flowly Top: Charming Charlie. Earrings: Made by me. 
Necklace: Finishings for Her.  Jeggings: Target. Boots: Thrifted. 

Maeva: Headband: Made by my grandma's friend. Onesie + leggings: Gymboree. 
Boots: Target. 

P.S. The giveaway is up! ;)


  1. I love your outfit! It really is so comfy and perfect for the post-baby body! I'm always on the lookout for comfy clothes like that shirt and lots of jeggings! Haha. Love this! And your daughter is adorable as always! :)

    1. Thank you Emma! I am all about comfort these days! If its not comfortable it won't last long! =)

  2. That outfit is awesome, I LOVE that necklace! :) I think you look great!


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