Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm the girl...

Today I thought I'd share a few things about myself that you may not know. 
Some serious, some silly, all me. =) 

I used to be a girl who wore her heart on her sleeve.
Now, I try not to put it out there, all the time. 
But if I don't share my heart, you can definitely see how I feel all over my face. 

I'm a girl who never thought she'd get married. 
Did I want to? Yes, but I was terrified of getting hurt. 
My husband had to chase me for a while. 
I'm glad he didn't give up after I told him I was never going to date him. Ha!

I'm a girl who loves to rollerblade. Seriously, so fun! 
Can't wait until my kids are old enough to go to the rink! 
I also can't wait until it's nice enough for my husband and I to go again.
Yes, we both own rollerblades! 

I'm a girl with a super sensitive heart. 
My feelings get easily hurt. I often take things the wrong way. I can get easily angry. 
I think it's okay to have a sensitive heart, but somethings I definitely need to work on! 

I'm a girl who used to be addicted to Dr. Pepper. 
I'd drink it all day long.
My friends from college often made fun of me, in a loving way, of course! 
I don't drink it now... it's usually coke, sparkling grape juice, and (always) coffee! 

I'm the girl who didn't drive until she was 22. 
Yep, I was in college. Just crazy, huh? 

I'm the girl who prefers my pizza cold. 
Nothing like eating left over pizza straight out of the fridge.
And it must be with a coke or milk with ice! =)

I'm the girl who loves a good book. 
Reading is one of my favorite things. 
I can get lost in the words on a page.
I love books that touch my heart and make me cry.
My husband always asks "why are you reading that if it makes you cry?"

I'm the girl who used to sleep 13+ hours a day! 
One time in college I had been asleep for about 15 hours...
And my mod-mates woke me up by turning up the heat! 
I haven't slept that long in a long time and probably never will again!
This mama misses sleep!

I'm the girl who loves the beach + sunshine. 
I love California and Hawaii!
I dream about living in Cali. We've talked about it a few times.
Maybe someday! 

I'm the girl who grew up Catholic and then left the Catholic church...
And am now going back. 
My heart is wrestling with this.
And I am wrestling with Jesus about this.
All I know is I love Jesus and that's all that matters.

I'm the girl who knows she needs a lot more time with Jesus. 
Like hours and hours to pour out my heart to Him.
I'm trying.

I'm the girl who is a mama to two beautiful babies... hoping for more. 
My kids made me realize I could love more than I've ever imagined. 
I'd die for them. I'd do anything to protect them. 

I'm the girl who feels like she's become a bit OCD since having kids. 
Drives me crazy because it's impossible to keep this place nice with a toddler! 
I could clean and clean all day long! 

I'm the girl who loses her patience easily.
It's something I'm aiming to work on. 
I'm so thankful for grace and that everyday is a new day! 

I'm the girl who often feels like she's a mess!
On the inside and the outside. This is a huge struggle for me lately.
But I'm trying to give it to Him!
I know He's the only one that can change my mess and use it for His glory! 

Anything else you'd like to know about me? I'm a pretty open person. Most of the time! ;) 


  1. I love this post, it is always so great to learn more about bloggers. And I am right there with you on the cold pizza. So good!

  2. I remember the no driving thing from college! And the Dr. Pepper thing! Awww I miss our Tabor days....well, most of them ;)

  3. I'm very interested in your return to the Catholic Church! We should chat!!
    Thanks for sharing, it was fun to know a few of those things already :)


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