Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's Okay Thursday!

I'm linking up for It's Okay Thursday for the first time today!
Sometimes things in life don't seem great or even okay, so I need this reminder today! Need to remind yourself as well? Link up here.

It's okay that my husband and I stayed up later than we should have last night. 
It may may not feel like it because we're so tired, but it'll be okay. 
It's okay that the toddler got out of his bed at 5:30, 7, 7:30 and laid by our door.
It's okay that I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee and don't plan on getting out of my pj's today.

It's okay that I feel on the edge of snapping with my toddler today *grace mama, grace*
It's okay that the tv is on all too often, especially when I'm so tired. 
It's okay to just sit and be.

It's okay that the dishwasher isn't really working.
It's okay that the dishes are stacked high.
It's okay that the apartment isn't perfectly clean.

It's okay that I ate those oreos yesterday. 
It's okay that I haven't worked out in a while.
It's okay that sometimes I don't make the healthiest choices, but I am doing better, I am trying.

It's all okay because I am breathing and have a blessed life.
I have a God and husband who love me so much and kids, who really are a joy. 

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  1. OOO now you made me want Oreos. ;)

    I love this link up! I think I will be doing this one as well today!


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