Friday, August 17, 2012


My son is with his grandparents today because there's a ton to do before sweet Maeva comes. 
I need to fold/put away laundry (yeah, that will happen last), clean the kitchen, organize their room some more, and a handful of other things that will probably take me all day. I tried to nap because um, I can without getting interrupted today, but couldn't sleep! Too much on my mind, too much to get done! 

So before I buckle down on my to-do list, I wanted to share some stories with you about preggo brain. 
Who knew that growing a baby could turn your brain into total mush? It does and I'm beginning to believe that it gets worse with each baby, but that's okay, totally worth mommy not having a brain! 

Onto the stories. FYI: You can laugh. My husband does. And so do I. I'm sure my babies think its funny too! ;)

When I was pregnant with Braden, James and I were shopping for some things at Nebraska Furniture Mart. I don't like carrying a purse if I can go without it, so I left it in the car. When we got home from the store I couldn't find my purse and was freaking out a bit. It was an expensive coach purse with everything in it... wallet, drivers license, money, keys. I knew I had taken it with us and was like, "How did someone get in the car and steal my purse???" because we had locked the door. Well, guess what... they didn't. James called the store and apparently a cop and his wife had been walking through the parking lot and saw our car door wide open with my purse on the floor, so they brought it in. We drove all the way back to the store and I was so completely embarrassed. Everyone was looking at me and laughing/smiling. I'm sure they thought I was a complete ditz! I couldn't believe I didn't shut the door! 

Another time after being at the dentist James and I went to get in the car (it was raining), so I was in a hurry. I opened the door right into my forehead. I still have the scar to prove it. Apparently, I forgot that you have to move out of the way when you open doors! ;)

The stories with this pregnancy aren't as entertaining, but I'm still as (or more) forgetful.

We buy a gallon of water at the store instead of drinking out of the tap. One night I forgot to push the tab back in and the next morning there was water everywhere... all over the floor, all over the shelves in the fridge.

I've forgotten to shut the stove off. 

I've completely forgotten my credit card pin. Still don't remember it. Maybe it will come back to me! ;)

I've flat out forgotten where things have been placed or even seen things happen. I've said to my husband multiple times, "I don't remember that." 

Thankfully I haven't forgotten anything super important and no harm has been done to anyone or anything! 

So tell me, do you have any preggo brain stories? I'll try not to laugh! ;) 


  1. Mine is similar to yours - the other day when I was at the gas station, I used our debit card. The cashier asked if I wanted debit or credit and I said, debit would be fine. It came time to enter the pin and I just looked blankly, stunned at her, and said, "I have forgotten the pin! Wow, I really don't remember it. I guess run it as credit." After feeling like an idiot, I offered to get my ID to prove it was really my card, lol. Then I got in the car and called Justin to ask what the actual pin was and still was just completely astonished that I had forgotten it! And we use that same pin for both our cards, so it wasn't like I remembered the wrong one or something. Completely rediculous.

    1. It really is embarrassing! I've done it twice and still don't know the pin! lol
      I just have them run it credit now! Should probably figure out the pin!


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