Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guest Post: Kassi from Truly Lovely

I have my wonderful sponsor Kassi sharing on the blog today! She blogs over at Truly Lovely (along with her sister) about whatever they love! It may be recipes, fashion, tutorial, or something else they enjoy doing! Today Kassi writes about being an aunt and things all aunts should know! Enjoy and pop on over to say hello! 

Well hey hey there lovelies!!!
Kassi from Truly Lovely here! I am SO excited to be guest posting for Kassie today... She's become one of my newest favorites... for fun reasons (like the fact that we have the same name) and for content reasons (I'm excited to read her posts about the upcoming addition of little Maeva!).

So, my sister and I blog over at Truly Lovely about well... whatever we want. That's my blog mantra these days! If I don't enjoy writing about it, trying it out, or doing it... It will NOT be gracing the pages of our blog!! Same goes for guests posts like this one! So today I'm here to talk to you about something I enjoy incredibly and take very seriously....
Being an aunt!
You see, I have been an aunt for several years. My oldest niece is already 10 years old!! She's been around for nearly 40% of my entire lifetime!!! {Yeah, I had to get a calculator out to get that number for you... math is not a strong point. ;)}

So... here's three things that I think (as a seasoned aunt myself) every aunt/uncle should know!!
1. Keep a box/basket/container of some sort full of cheap toys on hand at your own house!

Don't mind the wild hair... Chefs like little miss here, tend to get pretty intense when they're cooking! ;)

You see, little nieces and nephews NEED something to entertain themselves... If you don't have some fun toys on hand (like the $5 cupcake set shown above) little ones tend to find ways to entertain themselves... Including, but not limited to, playing refrigerator with the pretty display cabinet of ceramic vases that you foolishly left within reach... Just sayin'... ;)

2. Mac and cheese! I promise you that a box or two of good ol' mac and cheese will go a long, long way in making a hungry niece or nephew happy!! Regardless of your sweet cooking skills just. make. mac and cheese! Have you seen No Reservations where the aunt makes the niece duck for lunch.... Exactly.

3. It's ok to let them make messes! Kids are messy. Little girls like nail polish. Little boys like dirt. Let them make their messes while they're little and later they'll come to you with their more grown up messes... like boys/girls... You know, those things they couldn't possibly share with their mom. ;)

So, to sum it up, I absolutely love being an aunt! :) What's that saying...? Being an aunt is awesome because you can spoil them rotten, love them like crazy, then send them home to their mom and dad. ;) heehee.
Thanks so much to Kassie for letting me share with you lovelies! Hope you'll stop by Truly Lovely and say hello sometime!


  1. I agree!! being an aunt is the best!!

  2. I think being an aunt has been the most fun of my life. Probably a good idea to keep the toys around, because I buy new ones every time we have a sleepover and send them home. :) Could be saving money and avoiding trips to Target! Who am I kidding? I love Target!


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