Friday, August 10, 2012

August Sponsors

Today I want to introduce you to my August sponsors! Currently I am only doing ads in swapping fashion, but hopefully in the near future that will change! Bare with me as I figure this all out. Now, onto the fun part - these wonderful ladies! 


Hannah blogs over at Hurley Love. She's been blogging about 4 years, but really started getting into blogging with she was pregnant with her cute baby girl! If you visit her blog you'll see thoughts of motherhood, being a wife, and Christian. 

Pop on over and say hello! I love this recent post about her little girl turning 3 months old!
Those cheeks - look perfect for squeezing and kissing! =)

You can find Hannah here: blogtwitterfacebookhello cottonpinterestgood reads, instagram

Jenn blogs over at My Not So Glamorous Life where she writes about real life. 
On her blog she writes about her children, the messes that happen (because with kids, messes happen all the time), and all that comes with being a mom! 

Head on over at check out her blog! Love this post where she whipped up some shaving cream paint for her kiddos + her niece and nephew! It looks like fun, but I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to do that with my kiddo! 

You can  find Jenn here: blog twitterfacebookblog lovin', pinterest

Kristina blogs over at The Streeters Unlimited . She writes a little bit about everything: Family life and being pregnant, having faith, things that inspire her, and food. 

I really love this post about her feelings towards blogging. She loves to blog, but its different than journaling for her. She admits that she wants to be more open on her blog, put her heart out there more, but that once you put it out there on the internet, you cannot take it back. Really, her words are better than my own, so go read! =)

You can  find Kristina here: blog, twitter,  etsy

Alyson blogs over at Eisley Rae. She blogs about her family as her children are a huge inspiration to everything she does in life! She is also one crafty lady! She stitches hoops, so you should definitely check out her shop! I'm lovin' the camera hoop! 

Also read this post about her family of four going camping for the first time. Her kids are just too cute! 

You can  find Alyson here: blogshoptwitter,  facebook.

This is Jenny and she blogs over at Chandelier Jenny. She writes about being married, being pregnant, and crafty things! She is having a little boy in a few months and her baby bump posts are some of my favorite because she is just so darn cute! 

You really should check out all her baby bump posts because I just love how she dresses it!
Take a look at the latest one - 24 weeks.

You can find Jenny here: blogtwitterfacebookshop

Kassi is my last sponsor for the month. She blogs over at Truly Lovely and her sister, Kayli blogs aside her. I like Kassi because, well, are names are almost the same! ;) Kassi and Kayli blog about all things lovely - outfits, recipes, tutorials, anything they find lovely! 

I really like this 25 before 25 post by Kayli and this 30 before 30 post by Kassi. 
I'm always so impressed by people who are able to make a list of things they want to accomplish and then actually do so! Really an inspiration to me and maybe I'll do the same soon! 

You can find these ladies here:  blogtwitterfacebookpinterest

I am so glad to have these ladies as sponsors! It's been fun getting to know them and scooping out their blogs a bit more! Be sure to check them out, give them some love, and come back to read words from them when some guest post! =)


  1. Looks like a fun group of ladies!!! :) Thanks so much for the sponsorship shout out girl! WE are thrilled to be a part of your sidebar!!!

  2. I just wanted to say I LOVE your blog so much!! I also follow you on pinterest and your pins are honestly the best!! I would love to do an ad swap with you, or sponsor you in some for or fashion.

    1. =) So kind! Yes, lets swap for September?

  3. New Follower! Found you on Not So Glamorous!
    Misty @


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