Friday, July 13, 2012

Coffee date: vlog style!

Hello everyone! I'm linking up with Rags to Stitches for a coffee date, vlog style! 
This is my very first, so I apologize if its a bit painful to watch - ha! =) 
I wasn't sure what to talk about when it came to this...
And this turned out to go deeper than I had actually planned! 
I opened my mouth and this is just what came out! =) 

Happy Friday! 

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  1. Oh, mama. Isn't it incredibly awesome how God can take our brokenness and transform it into something beautiful? Thank you for sharing your heart and your past. Hugs!

  2. you are so cute! i love your vlog and how honest and real you are in it. i try to be as open as possible on my blog so i love finding other bloggers who do the same :)

    1. I try to be as real as I can! =) It's hard sometimes, but rewarding!

  3. way to be brave! it was hard for me to do my first vlog too.

    what a great testimony...isn't great that God's plans far exceed our little plans. So grateful that we serve a sovereign God.

    I have a degree in Human Services non profit organization (a.k.a Social Work) too, but I would much rather be at home with my sweet little boy too!

    Great job! Loved watching. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    1. I'm definitely glad that God's plans exceed my own. His are way better!


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