Thursday, July 26, 2012

35 weeks

Earrings: Made them. Headbands: Walmart. Tank: Old Navy. Skirt: Target. 

I wish these pictures were taken at a different location rather than our bedroom, but I guess thats what happens when you don't see your husband until ten o'clock at night. A busy day we both had. 

35 weeks. Again, like I always say I cannot believe it. Only 24 more days until my c-section. 
I've been marking down the days for a while now, but it feels like these last days are going to drag on.
I'm so anxious to meet Maeva and just have her here with us. 
I'm so ready to be a family of four and figure out how to adjust to that. 
I'm ready to see daddy with daughter or older brother with little sister. 
I'm ready to be a mama to a baby again...because even though Braden is still my baby (and always will be), I must face it, he certainly is growing! 
I'm ready for so much, but still nervous about things too. 
Can I be a mama of two and not lose my mind? ;) 
Can I function during the day with very little sleep? 
Can I? Can I? Can I?
I know that there will be days that I feel I can't, but I also know that the anxiety won't be around forever. I have help if I ask and Jesus is always there. Thankfully, Jesus is ALWAYS there. 

I'm feeling huge. My feet and legs hurt from carrying around this baby and at times it is super hard to breathe, but I don't want to complain about being pregnant... I was convicted about that the other day.
There are some women who aren't able to have babies or lose their babies. My heart aches for them. I cry for them because I can't imagine how they must feel, how their heart must ache. I hurt with them, really, I do. So I don't want to complain because it truly is a blessing. Thank You Lord for this baby growing in me and please Lord be with those women who can't have babies or have lost.... You are close to the broken hearted, I know this, so please Lord wrap Your arms around them. Amen. 


  1. How exciting! You're almost there :)

  2. you look awesome and i love this skirt!

    1. Definitely one of my favorites to wear during this pregnancy! So comfortable!

      Thank you! =)

  3. You are getting so close! So excited for you. I hope it goes quickly and that you feel a little comfortable in the meanwhile;)

  4. Love the pictures! I'm 22 weeks along, so it's fun to hear what's in store for me. Cute blog!


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