Thursday, June 14, 2012

Remembering our first date

^^^^ our first photo together ^^^^

Our first date was a few months before that picture was taken and it was different than most first dates. James and I had gone to junior high together, but we don't really recall one another even though we knew some of the same people and the school wasn't that big. We always joke that maybe there's a reason we can't remember one another -- maybe I couldn't stand his junior high self or maybe I was too awkward looking ;). James started talking to me via facebook when I was still away at college, when I was still a girl who was pretty darn sure I wasn't going to fall in love or let a guy near my heart EVER again. But we connected, talking about God and he mentioned maybe hanging out sometime, going to a movie, "just as friends". 

Honestly, I never thought it'd actually happen. I don't go out with people I don't know. Yet, when it came up again I was okay with the idea. I wasn't uncomfortable about going out with someone I'd never met. I wasn't freaked out. Totally a God thing. So we made plans to meet at the movies. I remember sitting outside the movie theater waiting for James, thinking it was really weird that I wasn't shakily nervous. We saw each other and as we walked towards one another I couldn't help but think about good looking he was. Much more good looking than his facebook pictures told. ;) James always tells me that I had a halo around my head. I laugh and look at him like he is nuts. 

Can I just say that first dates are awkward? Maybe more so for a girl? Especially when you say its just as friends? I wasn't sure about the whole "is he going to buy my ticket and how do I know?" But he did and it was only awkward on the inside. =) We went into the movie theater and shared a bit about our lives. I remember him telling me about his parents, that they were strong Catholics and that he had 9 brothers and sisters, that he was the baby. I was so surprised that he had that many siblings -- just WOW. I told him about my family and church. We talked about others things, I am sure, but those are the things I remember the most. 

The movie started and we watched for a while, but it (The Surrogates) was awful and we ended up walking out. We decided to go to Old Chicago and get something to eat. For some reason, it got strange here. I think it was me, really, having to eat in front of someone. Tell me I'm not the only girl with this issue, please!?! We ordered pizza and I barely ate a thing. We awkwardly looked at each other, not sure of what to say. At one point James said something like, "you know this isn't a date right?" HA! Oh my goodness... so awkward... but I think it was all nerves, really and not knowing what to say. I think I smiled and said okay or something lame. 

After that he asked if I'd like to go flying with him (I'm sure this came up at the movie theater as well) and I accepted.  Apparently he didn't want this "non-date" to end! ;) On the way to the airport we talked more and it was more awkward. I remember James saying something about how when guys and girls hang out it always feels like a date, even if it isn't. We laugh about this now because really, it was a date. =)

We got to the airport and I remember waiting as he got the plane ready. He stepped up onto the plane to check something and I remember seeing his shoe and in that instant I remember thinking, "I could fall head over heels in love with this guy." It scared me to death because remember I was the girl who wasn't going to fall in love or let a guy near her heart ever again. I think about that almost every time we go flying now... We went up in the sky and overlooked the city at night. It was so nice and I liked seeing his confidence in what he was doing. 

After that we drove back to my car and exchanged a few words about having fun.  We got out of his car and I quickly got into my car so he wouldn't touch me (ha, a long story about me not liking to be touched). We laugh about that now too. =) After that night we were pretty much together every night from then on, going on lots of non-dates. ;) 

I'm happy we went on all those non-dates. They led us to where we are now. 
Love you James. 

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  1. Oh my goodness you guys are precious! What a cute story! I love awkward first dates :)

    Cute Blog!

  2. soooo stinkin cute! love it!


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