Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Moments to remember

Do you ever have those moments, that in the moment,
you tell yourself that you want to remember this moment...
exactly how it is and how it makes you feel?

I do. I've had a lot of those with my son.
I want to remember the big moments and the small moments.
I wish I could remember them all.

When he was born and I first heard his cry. 
Oh, the joy and the tears.

When he rolled over, crawled, and took his first steps.
So exciting.

How he used to sleep on me after being nursed.
Oh, I miss napping with him. 

Singing to him before I put him into his crib.
"Rockabye baby on the tree top, when the wind blows...."
And how he lays his head on my shoulder, sometimes singing with me.

His laughter when kissing his belly
Or chasing him.

How he runs to stairs when he hears daddy come home.
So happy to see his daddy.

The feel of his head against my chest when he sat on my lap for a whole 15 minutes.
He wasn't fussy, he was just content.
That doesn't happen often enough.

The fact that he loves oreo cookies
And will go to the cabinet to get himself one.

His favorite stuffed bear
How he'll hug it and sleep with it
How he'll kiss it
How I used to have one just like it.

When I leave him for a bit...
How when I return, he smiles and reaches for me.

Bath time.
His favorite time.
So much splashing and squealing.

Being outside with him and how he just walks.
All he wants to do is walk and walk.
If you try to stop him or take him inside...he gets so upset. 

These moments and so many more... I want to remember. 


  1. It all slips away so quickly. I find myself missing caring for a baby so much lately now that my youngest is five. Such a reminder to cherish these moments.
    ~ Wendy

    1. surely does slip away too fast!
      I'm glad soon enough I'll have another baby... totally makes me understand why people just keep on having baby after baby! =)

  2. that last pic is precious!! what a beautiful post!


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