Monday, March 5, 2012

Mama is losing her mind!

This weekend was not a good one for me. Especially yesterday. 
I'll be honest and tell you that while I always love my son, I don't always enjoy motherhood.
It was just one of those days yesterdays...
Braden was constantly at my feet whining and wanting to be held.
And he screamed and was full of tantrums pretty much all day.
I didn't want to lose my mind, but seriously thought it was coming to that.
I want to keep my cool as a mother. 
I see so many mom's whether is be in the blogging world or real life, that seem to have it all together.
They handle motherhood so well. Never snapping at their kids and it just looks so easy for them. 
All the time, it looks easy for them. 
But that's not me....
Not when my son is screaming bloody murder because he can't walk outside right this minute,
Not when my son closes his eyes, clenches his fists, and opens his mouth loudly screaming,
Not when its all day long. 

I figure I can't be the only mom who feels this way. I hope not anyway.
I hope I'm not the only mom who wonders can I put my 15 month old in time out?
I hope I'm not the mom who, at times, feels on the verge of snapping in her anger. 
I hope I'm not the only mom who some days is just so exhausted. 
I'm hesitant to push the publish post button, 
but I'm hoping that in writing this post some other mother can relate... 
either tell me I'm not crazy or say, "hey, me too!" 

I'm so happy and thankful for God chose me to be Braden's mom.
I wouldn't change being his mom for anything, but somedays are just harder than others.
That's okay... we will make it through because this is our life. 
Somedays just need a little more prayer and patience.
Somedays, as a mom, I just need to take a break for myself and have some alone time. 
I'm actually convinced that as mom, taking a break is the best thing you can do for yourself and your child. Every once in a while, at least. 


  1. You are DEFINITELY alone. I think we all have those days. I know I surely do. And you are right, some time alone can do a lot for us. It can re-energize us and make us appreciate our kids a bit more too. Here is hoping that today is better!

  2. I have those days too. More often than I care to admit. I am ashamed that I sometimes lose my cool and snap and yell. But, hey we are all human and everyday is a chance to start over. :)


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