Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A few nights ago completely unaware of it, I nursed this one for the last time. 
I expected it to take much longer than a few months to wean him and I expected him to struggle with it.
But he hasn't, not really. We give him some milk or water before he goes down and he's perfectly fine. 
For me, though, its been a strange thing. Its strange having stopped because nursing him has been something I've done since he was born...everyday, so to not be, is a bit sad. 

He no longer needs me in that way and that breaks my mama heart a bit. As mama's I think we think about firsts a lot... we remember those the moment.
The first time...
I saw him.
He held his head up.
He crawled.
He ate solids.
He walked.
He said dada. 

The lists of firsts go on and on, but lasts are important too. 
As much as it may break my heart, my little boy growing up, and doing things for a last time, it is a good thing because it means he is growing and developing.
So grow baby grow! 


  1. I only nursed Judah till he was 7 months old, but I remember it breaking my heart completely. The lasts are so important to remember, to hold on to...they are so hard to deal with though!

    1. They are definitely a pain to deal with! I thought weaning was not ever going to happen!


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