Thursday, January 26, 2012

Goals for a healthy pregnancy (input wanted)

I want this pregnancy to be different than my last. Not that my last was wasn't, but I know this one can be healthier. When I was pregnant with Braden I really ate whatever I craved and because of that I put on more weight than I should have. I think that happens a lot during first pregnancies because you just don't know much. Its so much easier to put it on than get it off. I know that weight gain shouldn't be the only reason for my goals, but being honest here, that does scare me. I was never one to struggle with my weight until after having my sweet boy. There's more to it though. I know it will not only benefit me, but it will benefit the little one growing inside me as well. 

So, lets talk about some goals: 
I will eat well this pregnancy. This is hard simply because of cravings. I'm super bad at self control, but I am trying and I desperately want to succeed. At this point in my pregnancy its been hard to eat much of anything because the morning sickness has been hard, but I'm striving to eat more fruit and veggies, which I do love, so that's not really much of an issue. Truthfully, I'm unsure of what to eat, especially when it comes to lunch and dinner. I snack well, but other than that its a struggle. I think I may start a food diary... will help me keep track of what I'm feeding my baby!

Drink more water. I've never been a fan of water, but I know I need it. My first pregnancy I drank coke and my doctor told me that it probably didn't help with the weight gain. So no more coke! I usually have one caffeinated drink a day - a coffee, but other than that I need to fill myself with milk, juice, but mostly water! 8+ glasses a day! 

Exercise. Gosh, even that word hurts to type. Working out has never been something I've loved, but that is going to change! I am determined! For my birthday my husband got me a twister stepper, which is a huge motivation. Its sort of like a smaller vision of an elliptical, which I actually like. When the weather is nicer I know as a family we'll do more - going on walks and bike rides. That also motivates me because we'll be doing it as a family. 

Rest. Being pregnant the second time around is so much more tiring than I thought it would be! I've been pretty good at resting when the toddler does and I'm definitely going to make it a priority because a cranky, tired mama isn't good for anyone! ;) 

So, tell me, lovely readers what other goals should I have?
What did you do in order to have a healthy pregnancy?
And whats your favorite healthy thing to eat while pregnant?
Any thoughts and encouragement welcome!


  1. this being my third pregnancy, i'm fighting to not do what i did the first two times. i gained 55 with my 1st and 40 with my 2nd. i'd love to say it all melted off but it didn't. i had to work and i'm not wanting to do that again...a few things i have learned in losing/maintaining weight loss:

    don't drink anything else until you've had your 64+oz's of water. because water is the most important and everything else is a treat.

    carry a large water bottle (nalgene, etc.) with you all the time. it's easier to remember and way more convenient.

    when in doubt think high protein, low carb, low sugar, low sodium. lean meats, beans, lentils, eggs, dark green veggies...processed foods have a lot of sodium so try to steer clear of those.

    eastern dishes (indian, middle eastern, asian) are really healthy and inexpensive ideas for meals

    find alternatives for sweets like fake ice cream (mashed banana with cocoa powder and frozen)...they really do curb your sweet tooth.

    hope that helps!

  2. i think you've got a good base of goals to work with. just listen to your body and give it what you FEEL it needs, not what you think you SHOULD be doing ; )
    good luck!

  3. sounds like your goals are perfect! good luck with the exercising one, i only exercised in my first few months with B then i gave up. naughty naughty, i know! oops.


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