Thursday, November 17, 2011


It's Thursday, which means time to link up with Gussy Sews. This weeks inspiration prompt is Thanksgiving.
I'm excited for Thanksgiving this year!
I just love the food, but I also am so excited because ...

It's going to be his first birthday!
Makes me happy and sad all at the same time!

Here are some other Thanksgiving things I'm liking:

Source: Tiny White Daisies via Kassie on Pinterest

 I need to print this and hang it somewhere because lately life has felt messy.
I need to calm down and remember the things I am thankful for.

Source: Tiny White Daisies via Kassie on Pinterest  

This would be a good sign to have around as well because its so true.
Sometimes its hard to think of things, but I know if I focus and really think, I will come up with a good list!

This reminds me of an advent calendar, so I love it! 
Everyday your family could write on a scrap of paper what they are thankful for and each year you could add to it and look at what you were thankful for the year before!
Such a great idea!

Source: Beauty and Bedlam via Kassie on Pinterest

Its like a fortune cookie, but better! Write down what you're thankful for and roll it up in a croissant and then at dinner everyone can share what message they have found! Never would have thought of this!

This blog is hosting a 30 days of gratitude. She gives you quotes and a journaling prompt.
A great way to really think and reflect on what you are truly grateful for.

I also like the idea of taking pictures of things you are grateful for. Another thing I never thought have thought about! 

What I love about Thanksgiving is the fact that you need to be in that mood all year round (note-to-self) and that you could use all these things all year round if you wanted to!

What do you enjoy about Thanksgiving

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  1. I love that sign that says "there is always...ect to be thankful for" I forget that alot.
    Stoppin by from gussy's.

  2. I like your list! Especially the second sign you have listed - so pretty!

  3. That crescent roll idea is genius! I want to do that.

  4. what a beautiful post! i LOVE that calendar. we have a calendar for christmas where each day you hang an ornament on the christmas tree and that kind of reminds me of that...maybe a thankful calendar could be for november? :)

  5. Happy Birthday, little man!!

    I love the idea of those croissants!


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