Friday, November 4, 2011

Broken, but thankful

This is me. 
On the outside I may look well put together, but on the inside, not so much. 

On the inside I feel...
a lot of the time.

I struggle with a lot...
My past
Not feeling good enough
My weight
Not being content 

Today I'm really aware of these struggles, today I am aware of how strongly I feel broken, hurt and messy because of these things. 

My past at times, can creep up out of nowhere and leave my whole body feeling depressed.
I fear losing my child in some way or having him call someone else "mama".
Everyday there is something that tells me I am not good enough - it may be tv, music, the internet, or even words spoken to me or actions towards me.
Somedays clothes don't fit or feel right.
A lot of the time I want to be somewhere else... somewhere alone, for myself, just for a sit, to breathe, to be. Or somewhere, where my husband can live his dream. 

I've been going over these things in my head. These things that leave me feeling horrible and I know that if I were THANKFUL, even if that didn't make things go away, I'd feel better.

So, today, I choose to be thankful for these things.

My past is not who I am, but brought me to where I am! 
My child is in God's hands and he will call me "mama" when he's good and ready!
I am good enough because God doesn't make anything that isn't good enough! 
My clothes will fit one day, but it takes time!
I am where I am for a reason! We are where we are for a reason!

Thanks God for opening my eyes. 
Thanks for reminding me that things aren't so bad and that I should be thankful regardless!


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  1. Kassie, you are so great. Thanks for sharing what's truly going on in your heart/life. So important to hold on to the truth of God's word and let the other stuff go. You are a beautiful woman and I pray that all of these kinks get worked out for the better in the end, my dear. Praying for blessing and light & hope & strength in your life today. <3


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