Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A book review: Unlocked

One of my goals has been to read more. I haven't been that great at it, but this past week I borrowed this book from a friend and loved it! I thought, since its one of my goals, I'd write a book review on it.

Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite authors. I've yet to read a book by her that I haven't liked and I doubt it will ever happen. Her words just draw you in and you can't put the book down! Unlocked is a story of two friends, Holden and Ella, who lost their friendship when they were little. They were best friends, but when Holden all of a sudden got autism, Ella's parents couldn't handle it and stopped their friendship with the family. 

Years later, Ella and Holden reunite all because of a school play. Holden is drawn to music... the one thing that makes him happy. Well, that and Ella. The music not only brings Holden a bit out of himself, but it brings friendship back into the lives of two families. 

I loved this book. It made me smile and cry. One of my favorite things about Karen Kingsbury is how she writes about faith. I love how her characters depend on God and hear Him speaking to them. 
I wish I could hear God the way the characters seem to... like He's right there!  Karen Kingsbury is no doubt my favorite author and I promise if you pick up one of her books, you'll love her too! 

Now, I'm off to read another book of hers! =)

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