Friday, September 9, 2011

Setting goals

I'm horrible at setting goals. Actually, maybe its not that I am horrible at setting goals... I do perfectly fine at saying what I want to do, but horrible at follow through. I wish I were a more motivated, goal-oriented person, but I don't seem to be. I want to work on that. I'm hoping that if I blog about them, then I will actually follow through. I hope so. 

I have things I "want" to do in multiple areas of my life, so I need to set goals in specific areas. Here I go!

Read The Word daily. Even if its just a single verse.
Journal a few times a week. Its my way of praying and I used to do it for hours at a time. 
Pray with my husband before bed time. We were doing so well at this and need to get back on track.
Pray with my baby before he drifts off to sleep.

Health and wellness
Drink more water. I'm not a fan, but my body needs it.
Exercise daily. Even if its just a walk. I want to learn to be better at running, so maybe I should try that.
Eat better. As in 3 meals a day.
Wash my face twice a day. Its so easy to go to bed without doing it!
I'm sure there is more I could add to this one!

I want to find out what I am passionate about. 
For one, I love taking pictures and I have this great camera, but I don't know how to use all the functions! So, thats my goal! Figure out my camera!
Write more.
Read more. I need to take a trip to the library.

That's it, for now...
I can do this. I can meet my goals.

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  1. I totally get this, Kass! I was just thinking today that if I blog about my goals, then maybe I would actually do it. You can do it! :) Maybe a couple mornings a week we can get together and walk? :)

  2. You can totally do ALL these things! Good luck to you. Writing them down, and having people help you be accountable is helpful too. Has helped me A LOT.

  3. This post was so inspiring! You are so right, you CAN meet your goals...I need to go work on mine now ;-)


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