Friday, July 8, 2011

Tough stuff

Black tank: Walmart. Purple tank: Delias. Skirt: Kohls. Flip flops: Do you really care? 

Relationships are hard. At least the deep, real ones are. I think some people are better at have relationships with people, while others have to work at it. I'm definitely the later. 

I love relationships, I do, but they are also hard for me to have. I really struggle with being open about what goes on, not only in my life, but also what goes on in my heart and my head.  I wouldn't say I struggle with honesty, but I would say it takes a lot to get me to the point where I'm going to spill whats going on in my life. I don't think thats necessarily a bad thing, but its not always good either. 
We all need those relationships that we put our hearts into. We need those relationships where we can open up and not be afraid of the others thoughts because we know we can trust them. Thats the thing it comes down to -- Trust. That's so hard for me, but I want to get better at it. I want to trust more and be better at having deeper relationships. It will take a lot of work, a lot of putting my fear aside, and taking a huge leap! 

Do you ever struggle with this? How you overcome it? Any words of wisdom.

I am so thankful for a God who knows all. My relationships with Him, of course takes work as well, but I cannot hide anything from Him! He knows my heart, my soul, my mind. Such a relief! 

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