Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let me count the ways

Its the sixth week of the inspiration workshop over at Gussy Sews. The prompt for this week is pampering. Not going to lie, the first thing I thought of when reading pamper, was the diaper. Can you tell I'm a mama? =) No, it wasn't about taking care of the baby bottom, but about how I take care of and treat myself. I think its important to have moments to myself. I am a mama, I am a wife, but those aren't the only things I am, they aren't the only things I enjoy. 

How do I pamper myself? What do I enjoy doing? Lots of things, but here are a few ways I treat myself (sometimes daily):

I enjoy getting my nails done, especially my toes. Its so nice to go into a salon and have someone do all the work for you. I love soaking my feet in the warm water and having my feet rubbed. Just a nice, relaxing thing!

I used to hate coffee. I thought it was absolutely disgusting! Its one of those things that (after getting married to a Starbucks addict and having a baby) that I've come to need love.  Most days I just drink coffee at home, but I do love Starbucks. Iced White Moca with no whip please!
Now, I'm craving one....
I also love to read. I love to get lost in another world. I just finished the second book in the Hunger Games series and cannot wait to get ahold of the third book! I really could spend all day reading if I didn't have other things to do! I especially love to curl up in a comfy bed to read when its storming outside! 

Whats your favorite way to pamper yourself?


  1. Love the order of your important things about yourself. awesome.

  2. I also love getting a pedi! LOVE LOVE LOVE. And coffee :)

  3. I love to take a bubble bath and read and sip wine...THAT is how I pamper myself!


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