Monday, June 13, 2011

Questions of motherhood

Before you give birth:
Am I going to have a boy or a girl?
Is the baby healthy?
What is she/he going to look like?
What should we name the baby?
Is it going to hurt?
Am I going to nurse or bottle feed?
Should I use cloth diapers?

After the baby comes:
(To the dr. and nurse): You're actually going to let me leave the hospital with this baby? (Gulp)
Why is he crying?
Is he ever going to stop crying?
How do I make him stop crying?
Why won't he sleep?
How do I get him on a schedule?
Another dirty diaper?
How many days a week should I bathe him?
How many naps should he get?
How many hours of sleep in a day? In a night?
When is he supposed to pick up things, sit up, crawl, eat solids,  teeth, and on and on?
Is that normal?
Can you teach a baby to use a sippy cup?
Why is he doing that?
What was that sound?
When is he going to talk?
When do you teach a baby to listen and obey?
When do you start telling a baby no?
Is it okay to let him cry it out? For how long?
Is he too big?
Is he eating enough?
Is he sick?

These are just a glimpse of the questions 
that have run through my mind since getting pregnant and having our precious boy. Theres been others and I know there will be many more!

Speaking of precious! Seriously, not even within a minute of me putting him down and he is out! 


  1. Isn't it amazing how many questions motherhood brings? I think its that desire to love them with all your heart. I have never had so many panic attacks either! ha ha!

  2. Another question that goes through my mind daily: Am I doing this Mommy thing right?!!!


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