Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm at a loss for a title

Sunglasses and earrings: Walmart. Tank: Babies R US (hello um nursing tank!). Shorts: Kohls. Shoes: Target. Bracelet: Gift.

Today we were out and about. Because of that I wasn't really in the mood to wear what I had planned on. No worries, I stuck with by 30x30 outfits, but dressed more down. Not the most exciting outfit, but totally didn't care today. Went shopping today with my mom and grandma. I know I'm not supposed to shop, but does it count when I'm not spending our money? lol love when my mom or grandma buys me something... lucky me! Now, I just have to wait to wear those things....

This little guy was pretty much an angle the whole time. Sat in his stroller barely making a peep and sleeping! I had him on his belly in the stroller for a while (I know some people probably think I'm awful for not having him buckled in the correct way, but whatever...totally watching him the whole time and it was only while we were in the store) and went to take a picture...of course he had to stick his tongue out. He loves to do that when he knows I'm going to take a picture. He also, apparently likes to yell "dada dada dada" very loudly in the middle of the store. Silly boy. 

Hope your week started off good! We're moving at the beginning of July, so I have a lot of sorting and packing that needs to be done and some selling as well. Maybe I'll start on that tomorrow! 


  1. yay moving! i'm moving come july 1 too!! can't wait to decorate a new place :)

  2. Yay shopping! And no! It doesn't count if it's not your money! :P And're not a terrible mom. I am completely against stressing over and overprotecting in every little area. No need to worry about everything! ;)

    Love your outfits! Way to go Stylish Mama!

  3. Your moving?! Exciting! Where to? We're moving the first week of August! Cute outfit- looks comfy :)


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