Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inspiration Workshop (week 1)

Yes, I know this is post number two for the day, but I just decided to join this workshop because it is about finding inspiration and who doesn't like to find some!?! If you want to read more about it or join then click here. The idea of it is to share the beauty that is all around us. Sometimes we miss it. I believe a lot of the time we miss it because we're in a hurry, we're grumpy, we just aren't looking close enough, on and on. 

This week the prompt is handmade. I love handmade things.
I just wish I was more crafty.
I'll keep on trying!

Here is my inspiration for handmade.

I saw this necklace on Pinterest (side note: don't you just love this site? hello inspiration!) and automatically liked it! I love that its a charm necklace instead of bracelet. I love that whom ever makes one will have a completely unique necklace because of what charms they choose. 

If I made this and maybe I will there are a few charms I know I'd have!

The letter B because that is my baby boys initial. 
A camera because I love to take pictures.
A cross because I love Jesus!
A gerber daisy because those were the flowers at my wedding.
A globe because one day I want to travel.
A pen because writing is a passion of mine.
And a book because I love a good read. 

What charms would you choose? 


  1. Man...a charm necklace brings back memories! Flashback to the eighties when they were all the rage in grade school, but they were I like this one much better! I won't bore you with the list of charms I would want, but think "Beach Theme" :)

  2. My list is similar to yours, except I'd have the letters S, D, and A for my kids, and I'd switch the flowers to tulips. Oh, and I LOVE Pinterest!

  3. found you on Gussy Sews. love this! thanks for sharing.

  4. That necklace is very nice and cute!!


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