Saturday, May 21, 2011

A story. A memory.

The sky looked beautiful tonight. My camera doesn't do it justice, but it really looked as if Heaven were bursting from the clouds. My little family and I were headed towards sonic for some ice cream and saw the sky, so husband decided thats where my picture should be taken. Which leads me to a story. 

You see that hill(I really should have taken it when I was at the bottom because it is much bigger than it appears)? That hill holds a memory for husband and I. Once, when we were dating, we went sledding on that hill. Its much steeper, I promise. For some reason when we went sledding I wore these horrible boots that just caused me to slide down the hill when I was trying to go up it. 
Many, many times husband had to carry me up the hill. It really was a site to see, I am sure.  I laughed a lot when he was carrying me and felt so silly.  That was also one of the first nights husband told me he wanted to marry me and I thought he was crazy (I am told him this many times - "You are crazy!" But apparently, not to crazy or um, I wouldn't have married him). 

I thought of this memory walking up the hill because I was struggling. Seriously, it was steep and I was having issues getting up the hill even though there is no snow! And I was out of breath when we got to the top. Good thing husband had the baby and I had our camera or I would have surely died. 

 I am thankful for memories like these and how they cross my mind out of the blue.

So, husband took my picture, trying to get the beautiful sky behind me. Didn't work out the way we wanted, but hey, it was nice to be reminded of the date.

Earrings, ring, and belt: Target.  Necklace: Gift. Green Tank and skirt: Hand me down. Brown tank: L.A. Shoes: Express. 

 Our little one also enjoyed this.
We heard him making noise while taking pictures and he just kept on looking around. 
Babies can be so entertained when in a new place. 
Glad he decided to not roll down the hill. 

Hope you have a lovely Saturday night. 
I'm going to watch a movie with my baby while husband studies for his test and stuff he's taking tomorrow. If you think of him say a prayer, will ya? 


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