Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't

Necklace: Etsy. Cardigan:Unsure. Top: Kohls. Jeans and Shoes: Express

Feel like a fashion blogger that is. A friend of mine asked me how I have so many clothes and the truth is I do have lots of clothes, but for the longest time I only stuck to wearing a few items. I cringe at the thought of calling myself a fashion blogger because really, I have no idea what I am doing. I think I wear plain things and I'm not very good at mixing and matching. If I do, its because I got inspiration elsewhere... I definitely didn't come up with outfits on my own, but I am okay with that! That makes me feel like I'm not a fashion blogger... just someone who likes clothes. I also don't feel like one because somedays clothes just suck. Like yesterday, I wore a shirt that was too fit before I had my baby and now it doesn't, but I wanted to wear it, so I did. Those are the times I don't feel like the title "fashion blogger" is one that should be given to me and those are also the days that I don't leave the apartment. 

Enough of my blabbing. Hope your week is ending well!

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  1. fashion blogging is definitely a great way to explore more of your closet! and every day isn't always a hit (this is true for everyone!), but that's how you learn!! you're doing great!


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