Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Its only Tuesday? Really?

Earrings: Walmart. Shred (necklace): Gift. Long Tee: Old Navy. Top: Wet Seal. Jeans and Shoes: Express.

It feels like this week should be over already. 
Its been a long one, for no reason... 

Today was a good day though
1) I love this outfit. Mostly because of the shred and my shoes. 
They are my favorite.
2) My mom and I went to yougurtini today. Orange creamsicle yougurt...too die for.
Go get some NOW!
3) Its my husbands birthday! You should tell him happy birthday!
He does read this. =)

Happy birthday handsome! You're the best part of my life! 


  1. awww! that outfit is very cute, and happy birthday to your hubs. having a man that reads your blog is a great perk!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday James! Hope you had a lovely day celebrating. :)

  3. Cute outfit and great pictures.. they're taken from a cool angle!! Happy birthday to your hubby! :)


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