Sunday, March 20, 2011

The dress that goes POOF!

His faces crack me up. He looks so irritated that I pulled out the camera (again mom...really?!?!). Its like he was like fine, but I am going to stick my tongue out. Every time I look at that picture I die laughing. We sure have a funny baby! did he get that? No worries, he didn't actually get it in his mouth.

Sunglasses: Target. Necklaces: Target & Jewelry party. Dress: Walmart. Leggings: Unsure. Shoes: Toms.

So, this dress poofs out and makes me look pregnant. I am not however. Just FYI.

It was beautiful today. A nice day to have the windows in the house open. A nice day to just go sit outside and enjoy the sun and warmth. Which we did, but the wind...not so much.

P.S. Husband, thanks for taking cool pictures. You're so handy with the camera!

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  1. How A-a-a-adorable is he? Too cute! And you look fabulous!

    Kristina J.


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