Tuesday, March 22, 2011

As a parent

Yesterday was a blah day. I was just feeling down and didn't really care about my blog. However, the day did get better. When husband came home, he brought me...
these and a sweet card. They brightened my evening and my heart. Today is a better day. I am thankful that every day can is a new day and that every morning God's mercies are new because sometimes mine aren't, sometimes others' aren't. I am thankful I have a God I can count on. Without Him, it scares me where my life would be. Thank You for new days God and forgiveness. Even though the sight of You at the cross is a scary thing, a messy thing, it is still a beautiful thing, what You did for us.
Earrings: Walmart. T-shirt: Thrifted. Vest: Wet Seal. Scarf: Target. Jeans: Express. Shoes: Target. 

This morning while getting ready for the day I was listening to my Tenth Avenue North station and the song  Times by them. I love that song because its so true and I think we are feel unwanted at times or just a plain mess. I know I've felt that way a time or two (or a billion, lets be honest here!). The lyrics that stuck out to me were...

the times when you doubt me, when you can't feel
the times you've questioned, "is this for real?"
the times that you're broken, the times that you mend
the times that you hate me, and the times that you bend

The lyrics are speaking of the times when God loves us. Always He does. That is the message that is trying to be spoken to our heart. It made me think about parenting. 

We come into this world as sons and daughters. God is our parent and just like for us, it to, is hard for Him. We do things we shouldn't. We make mistakes. We complain. We are sinful. Parenting can be the hardest, most frustrating thing in the world. I only know a little bit about this, as I have an (almost) 4 month old. Right now, all I really have to deal with is his fussiness. However, I wait...nervously about when he becomes a teenager. I am so not ready for that, especially if he will be the way I was when I was a teenager. 
Those lyrics stuck out to me because often...

I doubt God, my parent. 
 I wonder "are you serious, is this for real?" 
My heart gets broken
I have hated God or at least thought so because of circumstances. 

I think about how hard that must be for Him. Me, doubting Him, questioning Him, Him having to see my heart broken, me hating Him...

And then, I think about how at some point our child is probably going to doubt, question, and hate us. Oh, it will be hard. But I am thankful my parent will be there to help us through.

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