Friday, September 26, 2014

Life Lately

I had every intention of blogging so much more this week, but it just didn't happen! 
As much as I would love to spend more time on this space I just don't know how to make it happen!
How do you do it mamas? 
I feel like all my time is poured into the kiddos or cleaning. 
Other times I'm so tired all I can do is sit in front of the tv.
Any advice? And not just about blogging, but life.
That's been a struggle lately... there's more to life than just taking care of kids and cleaning, right?
I mean, don't get me wrong. 
Love my kids and being the "keeper" of our home, but I know there's more.
Tell me there's more please!?! 

Life has been busy around here. 
Lots I want to share and blog about. I know I just need to make the time! 
Next week, I hope! 
So, what's been going on? 

Monday's are our busy days. 
Actually, they are more so our park days. 
I don't know how it happened, but I like it!
We usually walk to the park a few blocks away to play for a while.
Then, we've also been walking to my moms. 
I love it because it gets us out of the house + us exercising. 
I would do it more if I had a three seater because sometimes Braden asks me to hold him.
Poor kid. I make him walk too much, but he doesn't complain too much!
Especially when we are going to grandmas! ;)

Tuesdays are Bible Study days and I am so THANKFUL for them.
I think they are definitely my favorite days!
We are reading the book Boundaries and it's definitely making me think a lot.
It's not always pleasant because my boundaries definitely feel a mess,
but I'm glad to be learning and connecting with ladies.
I knew I needed that in my life, but didn't realize just how much until I started going.
I also like that the kids get some time away from me and are making new friends.
They are enjoying that and that makes my mama heart happy! 
I've also been aiming to get up before everyone else in the A.M. so I can read my Bible. 
I haven't been able to everyday but it affects my mood greatly.
I just need it and HIM.

I've been cleaning less and playing more too.
I'm not very good at playing, but Braden's been saying, "Mom, play with me in my room?"
Mae's also been wanting to be in my lap lots or crawling all over me.
Sutton always wants me too, but that's nothing new.
She is a total mama's girl. More so than my other babies were. 
I don't mind that all though and I've been working on being less frustrated as a mama. 
I'm not perfect, but I'm better.

That's about it this week. 
We've been busy, but had lots of down time too.
I'm just thankful it's Friday and I get to go on a date with my husband tomorrow.

Happy Friday ya'll!
P.S. Today is the last day to sign up for the mug swap if ya wanna be part of that! 

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