Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby shower

I had been hoping to have a diaper party for this little babe growing inside me. 
Diapers are so pricey and I knew it'd be nice to stock up on them! 
My friend Rachel asked if she could throw me a baby shower and I'm so happy she did! 

There were lots of goodies to munch on. 
I may have had two plates and some yummy coffee as well. 
Some treats + homemade bread + deviled eggs + coffee = perfect for this mama! 
The baby didn't seem to mind the food either! ;)

We played games, opened gifts, and talked about how hard motherhood can be. 
Its refreshing to know that motherhood is hard for others, not just me! ;) 
I also got to snuggle a newborn, which made me so ready for Sutton! 
Gosh, I just love babies! =) 

Not much longer, but it sure feels that way! 
I'm enjoying her kicks and movements. 
I'm thinking lots about what she'll look like… like her brother and sister, I am sure! 
I'm also thinking lots about what it will mean for our family… 
lots of adjusting and more love! 
Can't wait for this. It's a beautiful thing! 

Practicing our pose for World Market's #dothedownton party that was yesterday! 
It was a perfect tea party and left me feeling very blessed by friends and family! 
I'm thankful for each and every one of these women and so many more. 
We're all looking forward to Sutton coming into the world.

Thank you so much Rachel for throwing me and Sutton a great party! 
I loved it! 

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  1. Looks like such a sweet little shower. How nice of your friend! I hope you got some diapers. ;) I can't believe that little baby will be here so soon!!!


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