Monday, December 2, 2013

30 weeks

The baby bump turned 30 weeks on Thanksgiving! 
Which means on Thursday I will be 31 weeks with only 8 weeks to go until baby! 
We are so thankful for this baby growing inside me and for our family all together. 
Being parents & being pregnant is hard, but we are truly blessed by it! 
We cannot believe how quickly time is going and how soon we will be a family of 5! 
Very much excited for it and a bit nervous too because it will be a change. 
It won't always be easy, but it will be good. 
With each of our children, we know they were just meant to be. 
Always meant to be by God and our lives will forever be changed because of them. 
It will be no different with the sweet one growing inside. 

Being thirty weeks pregnant is HARD. 
Not that I've forgotten that pregnancy gets difficult, 
but I think preggo brain made me forget some! ;)
I feel massive and know there's probably lots more growing that will be done. 
Everything feels achy and swollen. 
My back hurts and bending over simply isn't going to happen much longer! 
I'm trying to rest more and think of things I need to do before Sutton comes. 
Also, thinking about her sweet face and wondering what she'll look like. 
I'm sure so much like her brother and sister! 
We cannot wait (well… I'm sure Braden and Maeva can because its going to change their world)!

59 days and counting! 

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  1. :)
    You guys are all so beautiful.
    I love your cardigan.
    I can't believe you are 30 weeks already!
    Sorry I can't make it to your shower :/
    We should chat soon!


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